Heliopolitan Trinitarian Monotheism: Summarizing a Few of the Main Afro-Heleno-Semitic and Vaishnava Connections


Sacred Python symbol for life and eternity on a wooden bowl of the Yoruba, Nigeria, Africa, Museum of Mankind, London. The head and neck of the ‘Cosmic Serpent of Eternity’ and the crown of the Male Figure are painted the same exact dark royal blue color inferring commonality. The female figure is holds a rosette flower like symbol. All the archetypal features of Lakshmi-Narayan and Ananta Shesha are present in this artifact. Ananta Shesha is described as having Blue necks and tongues and he is the same being as the blue Narayan. His consort Lakshmi Devi holds a flower in her hand. Even the placement of the divinities corresponds with the positioning of Vedic male and female divinities, with the female standing upon the left, at the heart of God. (excerpted from “The Serpent, The Eagle, The Lion and The Disk” by Brannon Parker)

One Human Family With One Saving God 
Now, it has been over 40 years since I began studying Deity and theophoric (god-bearing) personal, place and city names in the Hebrew and Greek versions of the Bible. I wanted to understand the relationship of the Judeo-Catholic (Apostolic Christian) Deity to the other peoples and deities or Deities of the Old and New Testament stories. At that time I had not been prejudiced by any form of ethnocentrism and had no preconceived notion about where to look for connections, or what I would find. As a result, I was not inhibited to compare Hebrew, Israelite and Judahite Deity names with those of the Deities of Africa, Europe or traditions East of the Levant. I began by searching the scriptures and Biblical concordances for every Deity and theophoric name I could find. There were thousands of them ! Most commonly West Semitic theophoric names were compounded with the Supreme Deity Name elements El (1), Yahu (2) and Baal. Yahu had once been called Baal, Bel or Balu, as was evidenced in Iron Age IIB Israel (3). In Semitic traditions, Baal or Yahu was variously considered the alter-form, Brother or Son of the supreme Deity El. Yahu-Baal was the Form of El who descended to save humanity, as in later Jewish Messianic lore. Semitic Bal was also associated with agriculture / the plow, the club as His astra or symbolic weapon, and the palm tree or palm frond as one of His important symbols (4). He was also as the self-sacrificed POLIEUS (5) associated with sacrificial systems and related sacramental social order civilizations. So, I also searched for Bal-related names. Other important names associated with the Biblical Deity in the Hebrew or Greek, such as ADON-YAHU, ELI-HABHA, ELI-AZAR, ASAR-YAHU, PETHACH-YAHU, ZECHAR-YAHU, and THEOS, BASILEOS, etc., required special attention in my studies. 

I was especially interested in how the third century BC Jewish translators of the SEPTUAGINT (Alexandrian Egyptian Jewish Scriptures) translated the religious Hebrew of their day into Greek, and why this was done at the great Alexandrian Temple of SERAPIS (HERU-HAP / ELI-HABHA). Hebrew, Israelite, Jewish and other West Semitic city names identified the YIR / IR / PER cities of the ELI-YAHU / BAAL Deity. It became immediately apparent to me that these theocentric cities and city-states of the Semites were related to the sacred PER cities of the Afro-Egyptians and the POL cities of the Greeks. In fact it appeared that the Semites’ sacred IR cities and the Africans’ PER and Greeks’ POL cities were often members of the same Monotheistic HELIOPOLITAN ASYLA FEDERATIONS or TEMPLE ALLIANCES. This certainly implied that the Supreme Deity HERU-ASU of the Egyptians, HELI-US of the Greeks and ELI-YAHU of the Semites was all the same Deity! Tracing these connections further West showed connections to the Roman Deity SOLEUS, and to the East there were connections to the Sumerian Supreme Deities ILU and Babylonian EA, and the Vedic, Vaishnava and Shaivite Supreme Deities SURA / HARI (Krishna-Vishnu) and HARA (Shiva). Eventually I traced these connections further, to the worship of Amida HRIH in Japanese (and related) Pure Land Buddhism, and OLU and His Expansions in the Yoruban Tradition. Thus there was obviously a single salvific emanational and incarnational monotheism shared by the African, European and Eastern branches of the human family. Why didn’t everyone know about these connections ?

The Supreme Father God
OLU Niger-Kordofanian Language Family

HERU Nilo-Saharan Language Family

HELI Greek

SOLE Roman

ELI West Semitic (ALI as in Allah is related)

URI ARI, ORI Semitic variants

HURRI SERRI Hurrian and Hittite variants

ILU Sumerian

ZER HVARE Persian variants


HARI HARA Vaishnava and Shaivite Sanskrit forms

HRIH Buddhist Sanskrit

So above we have the SAME FATHER GOD of the Yoruban religious family, the Egyptian religious family, monotheistic (Platonic Heliopolitan related) ‘pagan’ Europe, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the Persian traditions including the still extant Zoroastrianism or Parseeism, the earliest Sumero-Tamil / Dravidian religion, and the Great Eastern Salvific Bhakti Traditions of Krishna-Vishnu (and Rama etc.), Shiva and the Pure Land Buddhist Amitabha / Amida (Father Heaven / Yang to Mother Kuan Yin in China).

His Sacred Cities Were Called:

PER Egyptian

POL Greek

BUR Northern European

YIR, PER Semitic (KUR is a variant)

UUR Sumerian

PUR Sanskrit


POLIEUS was always worshiped with His feminine TYCHE called SEKHET in Egypt, SHEKINAH in Israel and SHAKTI in the East. The Romans called her Tyche-Fortuna. She was the Place or Hladini Shakti of the Supreme Lord. Juno was both Marina (Of the Sacred Waters = Narayani) and Luck or Fortune Fortuna/Lucretia Lucre Money (Laxmi). Juno as the Queen of Heaven was called Basilea (Vasudevi) and Regina (Rajani) but Her original Form was Youthful Juvenile Juventas (Radha as Yauvani), and on Her sacred Rose or Lotus Dvipa/Island of Rhodes She was called Rhoda (Radha), Kore (Hare, Feminine of Kouros), Asteria (Star, Tara) and Nymphia (Virgin-Lotus Padme). So, even superficially between the Greek and Roman Heliopolitan Traditions alone, we can account for the related worship of Radha-Rajani (Radha-Rani) being the Origin of all of the Goddesses, including Basilea/Vasu-devi (also a name for Ocimum Sanctum “Sacred Basil” Tulasi), Nava-Yauvani, Laxmi, Hladini Shakti, Narayani, Hare, Tara/Astraya, and Padma!

Some Shekinah / Shakti Names
(Mediterranean Asyla Federation Name-Forms and related Sanskrit Name-Forms)

Mary the “Mystical Rose” ROSA MYSTICA = RHODA (Greek) / RADHA

ISIS (Egyptian), ISHISH (Hebrew) / ISHI, ISHVARI

MARINA (Roman), MARIAM (Hebrew) / NARAYANI see Mary = Nari

Youth virgin-maiden JUVENTAS (Roman) / YAUVANI




KORE (Greek) / HARE

LUCRE (compare Latin LUCRUM ‘gain’, a Name of Roman FORTUNA MONETA) / LAKSHMI

BA (Egyptian), H’EVE (Hebrew) / JIVA

The antiquity of this unified monotheism can be traced as far back as the Mediterranean Isle of Rhodes, at the dawn of the Historic Period. There, according the earliest extant traditions, HELIOS KOUROS AND RHODA WERE WORSHIPED BY AFRICANS, GREEKS AND SEMITES AS THE PRIMORDIAL DIVINE FATHER AND MOTHER OF THE WHOLE HUMAN FAMILY.

(Left: Two Kouros Sculptures and Rhoda in the Middle from about 650 BC to 480 BC.)

The Bridal Mysticism of this Rhoda-Kouros worship was at the core of the great Heliopolitan Civilization of Earliest Dynastic Egypt. According to legend, the Egyptian Capital of Heliopolis was founded by an actual son (Actis) or ‘ray’ of Rhoda and Helios Kouros. Tracing all of the interdisciplinary connections to Rhoda and Kouros worship led me back to the Biblical Bridal Mysticism Tradition in the Song of Songs, where the Divine Lovers DODA are clearly related to RHODA and RHODOS, on their sacred LOTUS ISLE of Rhodes. Thus the Bible calls the Rhodanim DODANIM. Of course RHODA and RHODOS KOUROS are the East’s RADHA and KRISHNA! Their Hierophant and Master of Mysteries is BAL-YAHU Dionysos, Who in the East is BALA-VASUDEVA (compare VASUDEVA and Hebrew TOBA-YAHU). Baladeva in His Multi-Form as DIONYSOS POLIEUS is the Descending Savior of all worlds (MESSIAH / NYASA ), the DEVA NYASAS of GOD (ELI/ HARI) WHO ANOINTS / INITIATES, AND WHO IS HIMSELF ANOINTED. Investigating these astounding connections further, I found interdisciplinary evidence of the entire salvific tradition of Radha, Krishna and Baladeva-Vishnu in the Mediterranean thousands of years before the Christian Era. This tradition was clearly related to Pure Land Buddhism, and thus confirmed it as the earliest and most authentic form of Buddhism. When the evidence was so clear, why were these connections not commonly known? Had people for some reason not been looking at, or able to see this evidence?

The Truth About Our Unity Was Obscured By Racist Aryanism, Which Dominated Western Academia
As I began my research, I could find no other studies with the scope that I intended to explore. Why was this? As I encountered academic resistance to my enquiries, it soon became evident to me that my non-ethnocentric search was violating some unwritten law forbidding the comparison of so-called Indo-European words to Semitic and Afro-Egyptian words. Soon I learned about the influence of ‘white’ racist Aryanism in the European Humanities. Since the 19th century the Euro-Aryanists had made it an unforgivable scholastic sin to compare their imagined ‘Aryan’ race-related Indo-European words to Semitic and African words. In all of the European and American related humanities, not just linguistics, for a hundred years Aryanist racism had dominated, and still continued to dominate Euro-centric scholarship. Thus I encountered impediments to my interdisciplinary work at every step. When I tried to interest other scholars in my work, I was ridiculed by the academic Aryanists, and my discoveries were suppressed. This was not done by ‘white’ Euro-Aryanist racists alone. I also was opposed by fanatical religionists who did not want me showing evidence that their Supreme God also belonged historically to peoples that they had long hated and opposed. Perhaps surprisingly, some of the worst opposition to my connecting the Biblical Deity to Krishna-Vishnu and Shiva came from Hindus who hate the Judeo-Christian or so-called ‘Abrahamic’ Traditions. Some racist high-caste Hindus, who consider themselves to be racial ‘Aryans’, have especially opposed my work, because the evidence that I am presenting shows clearly that the term ‘Arya’ was originally a religious term, not a racial term !

Who Were The Aryans?
The Expansions or Forms of the supreme Godhead HARI / ELI (see list above) were identified by His Name. Thus in the East we see the SURA GANA who are associated with the SOLAR GAYATRI FORM OF HARI SITUATED WITHIN THE HEART OF THE SUN PLANET. The worshipers of HARI were also called the SURA SENOI. Compare HARI-JANA and HARYANA to SURA GANA. The suffix YM or YN in Hebrew and Egyptian means the SAME AS THE SANSKRIT YN, JN or GN. In Egypt the hieroglyphic ‘determinatives’ for the Forms of HERI, or His expansions, His Agents and His people were often the same symbols. For example Heri’s astra the DISCUS and His Vehicle the GARUTMAN HAWK or Eagle, were used to identify HERI and anyone related to Him or representing Him. Since Heri (ELI / HARI) or Wasu-Theos (VASUDEVA) was worshiped by those religious persons in the SATTVIC mode of goodness, His people were called the SATTVATAS, and other Theophoric Names such as SURA-GANA. Now compare the Hebrew Name for the Biblical Forms of God and Manifestations or representatives of God / Eli. ‘ELOHIM’ is used frequently for the Persons of the GODHEAD (over 1000 times), but the same word is also used for ‘gods’ 240 times, and occasionally for judges.

Thus in many cultures, the Forms of God, the ‘gods’ as His representatives, and the anointed leaders or ‘nobility’ were designated by a term cognate with ARYA. The meaning of ‘ARYA’ as ‘Noble’ is an associative meaning. The actual root of the ELOHIM (ELHYM) related words IS THE HOLY NAME OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD. The ‘gods’ and people of HERI in Africa, like the HELLENES, HURRIANS, Jewish ELOHIM and the ARYANS were not ‘white’ (from the Sanskrit root, as in the name ARJUNA meaning ‘white’. Rather they were persons of-from-or-related-to (suffix YN, JN, GN, etc.) the Deity HERI, HARI, ARI, HELI, ELI, ALI, HURRI, HVARE, SOLE, SURA, OLU, ILA, etc. By looking at the global evidence, ARYA is contexted as a common theophoric designation FOR ANY TENDING-TOWARDS-SATTVIC PEOPLE WORSHIPING THE SUPREME FATHER GOD. When I first asserted this over 30 years ago, because of the lingering influence of racist Aryanism, my work was ignored. However, much has changed in the last thirty years, and the entire fields of Helleno-Semitica (see Cyrus Gordon) , Black Studies (see Martin Bernal’s Black Athena), Superlinguistics ( see Nostratic and Austric, etc., Superfamilies) and DNA tracing (see mitochondria) have opened up, providing a vast amount of new interdisciplinary data, which completely supports my findings.

Along with the global diffusion of humanity (as evidenced by DNA, new archaeological evidence, computer-assisted Superlinguistics and evidence from other disciplines), the worship of the aboriginal Divine Father and Mother and their Hero-Savior spread. Thus this worship can be found at the BHAKTI HEART or core, in the oldest strata of beliefs in both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Thus it is my joy as a Vaishnava and a Catholic to salute you all as my dear sisters and brothers and others in THE ONE FAITH OF SAVING GRACE, with the lovely Lakota Tribal Address MITAKUYE OYASIN ! ALL MY RELATIONS!

Praying for the reconciliation and unity of all persons of good-will, your brother and aspiring servant, Bhakti Ananda Goswami


(1)-(3) Keel, Othmar and Christoph Uehlinger, 1998, Gods, Goddesses and Images of God in Ancient Israel. Translated by Thomas H. Trapp. Philadelphia: Fortress. Hardback, xiii + 466 pp. ISBN 0-8006-2789-X.

(4) All of these are familiar symbols and associations with BALADEVA, Who is also called by various BAL names, such as BALA BHADRA, BALA RAMA, SUKLA BALA. The very ancient city of Jericho was Bal’s City and its symbol, which later also represented Jerusalem and Israel, was Bal-Yahu’s Palm. In Vaishnavism, BALADEVA IS THE SECOND PERSON OF THE GODHEAD AND SOURCE OF VISHNU AND ALL VISHNU AND SHIVA MANIFESTATIONS.

A Few West and East Names and Symbols of Baal-Toba-Yahu / Baladeva-Vasudeva
Hebrew AZAR, Sanskrit ASURA ( a Vedic Name of Purusha)

Hebrew YISHMA, Sanskrit VISHNU

English VALOROUS, Roman root of VAL (see CHIVALRY), Semitic BALU, BAAL, BEL, ‘LORD’, ‘MASTER’, to BE STRONG, MIGHTY or BRAVE


Hebrew TOBA-YAHU, Sanskrit VASUDEVA (reversed)


BAAL’s Distinctive Helmet Crown can be seen on Balarama as Vishnu

The Egyptian White Plume (feather) identifies the Son or Expansion of God as SHU or SHUA, SALVATION PERSONIFIED. Baladeva always wears a White Plume, unless He has a Helmet Crown or Turban on. SHU also (as in SUKLA / SUKRA) means white as in PURE or SINLESS.

The TURBAN of DIONYSOS, Who is the alter-Form of HELIOS KOUROS, identifies Dionysos with the Oriental Mysteries. Like His alter-Form Asclepius, Dionysos was mysteriously ‘older’ than His own Source, Helios Kouros. Baladeva is the ‘Older Brother’ of Krishna!

Like Helios Kouros (Krishna) the unbearded KOUROS Forms of Baladeva and Dionysos have long uncut hair (revealing Their eternal YOUTH).

The ‘Lunar’ Savior, and Brother of the ‘Solar’ Deity is WHITE or PURE and wears the ‘Royal Blue’ reserved for the Anointed Messiah King. His sacred instrument is the HORN. His precious metal is electrum or silver. He has auspicious marks on His hands and feet. White animals are especially sacred to Him, like the white cows and horses of Helios.

His ‘Stick’, in Egypt, was actually His YAHU or WASU SCEPTRE, which SAID HIS NAME WASU-THEOS / VASU DEVA!

The Palm Tree or Palm Frond of Jericho, Jerusalem and the Jewish States of Israel and Judah is the common symbol of Baladeva. It can be seen on Baladeva’s Palm-Blazoned Flag.

The CLUB is the weapon of BAAL, the Savior (Messiah) of EL. This is the GADA / CLUB of Baladeva.


(5) Bal-Dionysos was associated with the Jews’ Yahu, and in Egypt with ASU (the Greeks’ and Romans’ OSIRIS) in the North, and WASU in the South. Yahu means the same as VASU in Sanskrit, and is the root of the Vedic Name of Vishnu as PURUSHA or ASURA the Supreme BEING WHO IS. Compare the meanings of English IS, Latin Esse, Greek OUSIOS, Egyptian ASU / WASU, Hebrew YAHU and YESHI, Sanskrit ASU / VASU and YA (a Mystical Name of Purusha! Here are some of the related Deity Names and words associated with His all-pervasiveness and Multi-Form as POLIEUS or PURUSHA-ASURA:



ASAR Egyptian

OSIRIS Greek (masculine ‘being’ appears as ‘-OS’ on the end of Theophoric Names

ASSHUR Assyrian

AHURA Persian

ASURA Vedic Sanskrit (NOT A-SURA)

ASARU Name of Marduk at Babylon

From the ASU or AHU root (to be, exist, dwell) some Names and words are PUR-USHA, VASU-DEVA, YAHU, YESHI-YAHU, VISHNU, YISHMA (Hebrew), WASU, ASAR, etc., OUSIOS (Greek), ESSE (Latin), IS (English).


HARE KRISHNA! and MITAKUYE OYASIN ! Godhead’s Blessings to all my Relations !

May Great Spirit Father and Great Mystery Mother bless these few words, which I have offered in the service of our hoped-for future communion in Their Divine Love.

Please accept these words of truth with my humble and affectionate obeisances,

Bhakti Ananda Goswami

About Collected Works of Sri Bhakti Ananda Goswami

This site is a repository of the written work of Bhakti Ananda Goswami managed by one of his students, Vrndavan Brannon Parker. Bhakti Ananda Goswami is a practicing Catholic Hermit under private vows, and a Vedic Monk in the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya-Vaishnava Lineage Tridanda Sannyasi and Siksha (Instructing) Master. His research provides the evidence proving that at the ultimate source there is only One Religion and Divinity yet there are multiple expressions of that religion and Divinity. Read the various collected articles on this site revealing that ancient Humanity was highly evolved and motivated by transcendent and life affirming impulses leading to High Civilization. (Please Note that this site is not maintained and updated by Bhakti Ananda Goswami himself but is managed by one of his students. Though he does scan the site he is not always able to respond to messages or comments.)

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