Catholic – Vaishnava connections in history


The following is copyright Pentecost Sunday, 2001 by H.H. Bhakti Ananda Goswami

Hari / Eli in the Bhagavad-gita and the Bible

The Greek version of the Jewish Scriptures was once the most used, most prominent version.  It was translated from Hebrew, according to sacred tradition, by the greatest Jewish TSADDIKS (Sadhakas, Sadhus) of the time. This occurred with miraculous divine assistance at the Temple-Library of Serapis (ELI-HABA, HOR-HAP, HARYAPPA ) in Alexandria.  Accepted by Jews throughout the ancient world, this Scripture gives us a unique window into inclusive, inter-national Judaism in the centuries just before the appearance of Jesus Christ. In fact, it is this SEPTUAGINT version of the ‘Old Testamant’ and Apocrypha that was used by Lord Jesus Christ and His disciples.  Thus it was also the version used by the Greek speakers of the early Catholic Church.  Since the Greek of this scripture is closely related to Sanskrit, in the 1960s I decided to study it carefully as part of my comparison between the Judeo-Catholic and Vaishnava Traditions.  What I found is stunning.

The Greek-Jewish names of God, specific religious terms, and literally hundreds of major and minor connections to Vaishnavism pervade the entire Text. Most amazing of all, the Greek translation of God’s Self-revelation in the Exodus story is directly ‘cognate’ with, or linguistically related to Krishna’s words of Self-revelation in the Gita !  In Exodus 3.14 Eli-YHVH says “EGO EIMI o ON” /  I AM BEING (Hebrew I AM WHO AM / YHVH) .  All ‘Indo-European’ Linguists agree that ‘EGO’ is cognate with AHAM,  and EIMI is cognate with ASMI.  ON or AUN is the ancient name of God as ‘BEING’ associated with HERI-AMUN at the Egyptian HERI / ELI Capital City of Heliopolis.  It is Heliopolitan Tradition that is later revived at the Temple of Serapis at Alexandria. So, it is impossible that the Jewish Elders there would not have understood the implication of their choice of words for translating the Divine Self-revelation.  Actually, according to tradition, they were all divinely inspired in their choice of words, this choice being communicated to each one of them individually by the Holy Spirit.  Thus in the East and West, the  central Theophanies of the Two Scriptures, the GITA and the BIBLE are both revelations of the SAME DEITY.

In both Texts He manifests His wrathful Form as Time [KALAH], and is the Patron Form of the cosmic time-keeping ‘gods’ [MAZAL TOV / ELOHIMA], and the Earthly ELYM / ARYAN armies of God.  In response to Moses’ request to identify Himself, Eli-Yahu [HELI-US, HERI-ASU] replies “EGO EIMI o ON”. In response to Arjuna’s request to identify Himself HARI-VASU replies “AHAM…ASMI…OM” in the great I AM verses of the Gita. Thus Godhead’s Personal Self-revelation as the GREAT I AM stands against impersonalism and atheism in  the Scriptures of both the East and West.

Searching every possible ancient source for icons of the God of Exodus, I quickly discovered that as TIME, and Patron of the Jewish Kshatriya Royalty and Armies, He was ‘leontocephalous’ (lion-headed), a Form very familiar to western art historians. His Lion-Headed and related VAISHNAVA FORMS appeared for centuries on both Jewish and Egyptian artifacts, including the official religious State Seals of the Jewish Kingdoms of both Israel and Judah. However, His Wrathful Form was not considered His ‘Original’ Form. What did the Jews believe His Original Form to look like?  This is also answered in the Greek Jewish-Catholic Bible, in the Song of Solomon, where God’s beautiful Youthful Form [KRISHNA] as the LOVER of Shekinah [SHAKTI] / the feminine ‘Soul’ is described, and in the Second Book of Machabees, Chapter 3, where GOD (singular) appears in the Temple of Jerusalem first as a GOLD ARMOURED RIDER [KALKI] on a white horse, and then as TWO BEAUTIFUL YOUTHS [KRISHNA and BALARAMA].

The Garuda Stambha Column of Heliodorus

The 2 Machabees story revolves around the sin, Divine chastisement and miraculous conversion of a Greek Seleucid Ambassador named Heliodorus.  It ends with his VOW to God, and return to the Seleucid Emperor.  Other (extra Biblical) sources later implicated this same Heliodorus in a plot to kill the Emperor. It is thus clear that there was such a man, who played a significant role in the history of the time.  During this same general period in India, a man named Heliodorus, of the same office / rank, had a famous votive column TO KRISHNA erected in his name.  Such offerings were common in fulfillment of religious vows (thus ‘votive’ offerings) at that time.  This same column has survived to the present, and is one of the primary pieces of evidence used to prove the existance of Krishna-Balarama worship in the Pre-Christian Era !  Thus, a Greek Ambassador named Heliodorus figures prominently in both the Biblical and Vaishnava History of that time. Whether one takes these stories as real or ‘legendary’ there is obviously still some connection.

If we doubt that there was much real connection or contact between India and Jerusalem at that time, again the Greek Jewish-Catholic Bible has the answer.  The post-Alexandrine Seleucid Emperors reigned from North West India to North Africa. There was tremendous interaction between India and Judea during this period. For example, there are entire Indian units of Elephants and their foot-soldiers described as fighting  under the Seleucid Emperor in Jerusalem in the First Book of Machabees, Chapter 6.  Indian Elephant units FROM INDIA, WITH INDIAN TROOPS, LED BY INDIAN OFFICERS, WERE COMMONLY USED THROUGHOUT THE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN REGION IN THE CENTURIES JUST BEFORE THE ADVENT OF CHRIST.  This is only one example of the complete integration of levantine and Indian History which characterized that entire period.

The Ascetic Jews, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and other Monotheists of the region all worshiped Krishna-Vishnu and Their Holy Spirit, in unity with Their Feminine Shekinah, or Shakti.  The regional mystical center of this worship was on the Sacred Isle of RHODES where the ORIGINAL FORMS OF ELI AND SHEKINAH WERE WORSHIPED AS KOUROS AND RHODA / KRISHNA AND RADHA. This worship is Pre-historic on Rhodes, and was shared by Indo-Europeans, Africans and Semites.  It was foundational to ALL High Civilization throughout the Region. KOUROS-ELI’s FIRST EXPANSION BAL-YAHU-THEOS / BALARAM AS VASU-DEVA, or VISHNU, was considered the ORIGINAL SPIRITUAL MASTER, UNIVERSAL SAVIOR / COSMIC SACRIFICE (RIG VEDIC PURUSHA / POLIEUS), HIEROPHANT and INITIATOR INTO ALL THE MYSTERIES OF THE DIVINE.  IT IS THE TRADITION OF YAHU-BAL THAT WAS PROMINENT IN ALEXANDRIA, AND WHICH EVOLVED INTO COPTIC CATHOLIC CHRISTIANITY WITH THE COMING OF JESUS CHRIST.  The specific Form of SERAPIS (the Greek ASKLEPIUS and Semitic ESHMUN), as the GREAT PHYSICIAN, was BALARAMA AS ANANTA-CHARAKA  the AYUR VEDIC DEITY.  The entire Tradition of JESUS CHRIST IS THUS THE SERAPEAN TRADITION OF ANANTA-BALARAMA.

The Serapean and earlier Heliopolitan  Asyla (Temple) Polis (Polieus=Purusha) Alliances were all inter-racial federations of the region’s indigenous forms of Vaishnavism, Shaivism and Devi worship, all ultimately derived from the ‘original’ tradition of ‘Bridal Mysticism’, the revelation of God as Lover and Beloved,  Kouros and Rhoda / Krishna and Radha.  This is why the worship of Radha-Krishna still remains at the ‘Bridal Mysticism’ heart of the Judeo-Catholic, and even Sufi Islamic Traditions.   The Druze and countless other regional forms of Vaishnavism were not ultimately due to some late diffusion from India, but were natural indigenous developments of the primal Revelatory Faith shared by all humanity.  The evidence amassed in recent decades by linguists studying the Nostratic Linguistic Macrofamily, 100% supports my independent findings, regarding the inter-racial Names of God, in the 1960s.  Many important Names of God in African, Semitic, Indo-European and other languages are all names of Krishna-Vishnu. I have  carefully searched-out the related Forms, stories, rituals, doctrines etc. associated with these Holy Names, and they are all Vaishnava.  Unfortunately, due to extreme ‘Hindu’ prejudice against the Judeo-Christian Traditions,  I have had little or no encouragement or support for my research from certain exclusivistic Vaishnava leaders. Thus, after 30 years of unsuccessfully trying to interest them in this information, I am now attempting to take it directly to the rank-&-file mass of devotees and to the general public. I have amassed about 150 volumns worth of evidence that Krishna is the God of the Western Traditions, but because of hatred for these Traditions, I have not yet been able to get any other Vaishnava leaders to help me to get this information out. ‘The truth will out’. It cannot be suppressed for ever. In fact, the Judeo-Catholic evidence I have amassed proves beyond any doubt the antiquity and supremacy of Radha-Krishna, Shakti-Balarama, and jiva-Paramatma worship globally.  Thus Vaishnavas in particular, and Hindus in general should welcome this evidence as it suppots the idea of a once ‘Global Vedic Culture’.   This global worship of HARI-VASU and PARAMATMA is the historical and theological basis for a Vaishnava non-sectarian mission to ‘revive’ the ‘Krishna Consciousness’ of all humanity.  The Vaishnava Triune Godhead of Krishna-Balarama (Vishnu) and Paramatma is not ‘exotic’ to any race, but rather is the Supreme Godhead of the entire human race.  This is why the Triune Godhead’s worship is INDIGENOUS EVERYWHERE.  Thus our mission is to REVIVE not CONVERT the faith of the bhaktas/bhaktins of the entire world.

Only sectarian pride and prejudice has prevented us all from knowing this profound truth.  Krishna has been ‘hiding in plain sight’ all these centuries, waitng for us to rise above our petty ethno-centric etc. pride, to recognize His Fatherhood of all humanity.  Prejudice has bi-furcated the human race, severing us with the illusory lies of Judeo-Christian versus Hindu Triumphalism. God’s Truth humbles all and unites all. There is only One Supreme Godhead of both global history and theology.  It is time to rend the veil of ego & ethno-centrism’s hateful, divisive illusions, (masquerading as religious fidelity) and to acknowledge our ONE GODHEAD, EAST AND WEST.  Amen / Aum and HARE KRISHNA !

your aspiring servant,  Tridandi Sannyasi Bhakti Ananda Goswami


About Collected Works of Sri Bhakti Ananda Goswami

This site is a repository of the written work of Bhakti Ananda Goswami managed by one of his students, Vrndavan Brannon Parker. Bhakti Ananda Goswami is a practicing Catholic Hermit under private vows, and a Vedic Monk in the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya-Vaishnava Lineage Tridanda Sannyasi and Siksha (Instructing) Master. His research provides the evidence proving that at the ultimate source there is only One Religion and Divinity yet there are multiple expressions of that religion and Divinity. Read the various collected articles on this site revealing that ancient Humanity was highly evolved and motivated by transcendent and life affirming impulses leading to High Civilization. (Please Note that this site is not maintained and updated by Bhakti Ananda Goswami himself but is managed by one of his students. Though he does scan the site he is not always able to respond to messages or comments.)

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  1. You have elaborated on very important truths and you say you have over 150 volumes of research/proof. Why then have you not listed, item by item, some solid proof of Indo-Roman-Greco Christna connection?

    For example:

    Christ was at once a Koresh, a Hebrew, and a Yehudi.
    Christna was at once a Kurus, an Abhira, and a Yadava.
    Christ was an incarnation of Yah-Veh.
    Christna was at once an incarnation of Vishnu and Shiva.
    Christ’s first name, Jesus, was Yeshua.
    A title of Christna, meaning “love; devotion,” was Yesu. Even today, many Hindu parents name their sons, Yesu Christna.


  2. Thank you for your comment Anupji. In response I must point out that Bhaktiananda Goswami does not run this page. It is being done as a humble service to help him in his efforts. He has written many number of pages and articles on these subjects which are vast and endless in scope. This site is an attempt to catalog his work.Any deficit noted is merely based upon an inability to keep up with the subject matter and the volume of material involved.

    In order to get a more complete perspective of BA Goswamis research I request that you browse this site thoroughly.

    Also please check out his facebook pages

    Also you can check out the audio files I uploaded to there are 8 such myspace pages from 1-8 using roman numerals upto number viii

    When taking into account these various resources I am sure you will find many more evidences in support of Bhaktiananda Goswamis thesis. And finally any information that details our common spiritual heritage, as you provided, is more than welcome. It will be our honor to receive any and all such vital information in support of the overall theme of detailing the universality of religion..

  3. No. Yeshúa (Jesus) is not an incarnation for God, Hi only was a selected servant (Mathews 12:18; John 14:10, 28; Hebrews 2:9). And He says: “Our God is One” (Marcus 12:29). And Krishna is not a Visnu incarnation. The Shastra says: Krsna tv bhagavam svayam: Krisna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The Shreemad Bhaagavatam says that Krisna descent to this world using the Visnu’s body, like a portal, or way. Because Visnu is closer to the material world. Visnu is only one expansion of Krisna. And Krisna received the name of Avatari, the source of all avatars.

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