Good Planets, the Heavenly Jerusalem and Paradise in the Judeo- Catholic Tradition


THE DANCE OF THE BLESSED. Above from the heavenly Jerusalem stream rays of golden light, and two angels who are passing into the portal, are aerial and luminous, as bright and splendid spirits.Light intellectual replete with love, Love of true happiness, replete with joy, Joy, that transcends all sweetness of delight. Heavenly Jerusalem Beckons.

Unfortunately many Vaishnavas have been influenced by the confused
speculations of modern esotericists, like those doctrines
regarding ‘heaven’ taught by Theosophists, and in the related New Age
Movement. Thus the related erroneous teachings of Gnosticism and the
equally erroneous pseudo-Jewish and pseudo-Christian teachings of
Mohammedanism have pervaded the thought of many devotees when it
comes to their misunderstanding of ‘heaven’ in the authentic Judeo-
Christian Tradition.

In authentic Judaism and Catholic Apostolic Christianity, there is an
absolute distinction between the 1. Planets of the material cosmos,
2. the self-effulgent Heaven where the Heavenly Jerusalem (City of
God) is, 3. and the Garden of Paradise where the Hora / Chorus or
Circle Dance of Divine Love, the Rasa Dance of God the Choreagos and
Choruales is !

Thousands of angels, in resplendence each Distinct and quaint adornment. At their glee And carol smiled the Lovely One of heaven That joy was in the eyes of all the blest

1. The Planetary Hosts as Agents of God, and Their Celestial or Cosmic Planets

Mazal tov! Have you ever heard this common Jewish greeting? It is
Hebrew, and is usually (1) translated as ‘good planetary
influences’. It reflects the ancient Jewish belief that God blesses
and regulates His creation through His intermediaries, the
planetary ‘Hosts’ or ‘Angels’. After all, the Jewish Deity of the
Exodus is called the ‘Lord of Hosts’ and is associated with the
Semitic elohim ‘gods’ and sacred time keeping, including the planet-
related seven-day week. Most Christians are surprised to learn that
observant, or ‘Orthodox’ Jews believe in reincarnation and
astrology, two ‘karma’ related ideas which are usually associated
in the Christian mind with Hinduism or Buddhism. Needless to say,
in Jewish thought, reincarnation and astrology remain only as an
integral part of Jewish Monotheism, far removed from the gross
material polytheism, impersonalism and atheism which characterizes
some of modern Hindu and Buddhist thought. Since these ‘karma’
related ideas have a very ancient history in both exoteric Biblical
and esoteric Mystical Judaism, it has long been my opinion that the
presence of such ideas in Judaism can give us an insight into ancient
proto Hindu and Buddhist Monotheistic and Henotheistic Bhakti
Traditions. Since the Bhakti (Personalistic Devotional ‘Love’)
Traditions of India and Asia are, and always have been, the dominant
religions of the East, a study of Bhakti-related doctrines and
practices in Judaism and early Catholicism is vitally important for
our present interfaith dialogue and understanding.

1997, the Oxford University Press, Oxford and New York

The Holy Name of the Jews’ and Catholics’ Deity Eli-Yahu Tzbaoth as
El Elyon “God most High” or “The Lord of Hosts” is analogous to Sri
Krishna’s Name Deva Deva or the fact that He is the supreme Sura of
the Sura-gana. Sri Krishna is Hari of the Hari-jana, or the aryans,
just as the Jewish Deity is ELI of the elohima. In fact HARI and
ELI are the same Deity historically and theologically, which is why
Judeo-Catholic Angelogy and related astrology may be studied
comparatively with Vaishnava devic cosmo-genesis and astrology . These Traditions are also connected
to Afro-Egyptian and European forms of Heliopolitan Monotheism. So,
for those unprejudiced persons who are able to delve deeply into
Judeo-Catholic and Platonic macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic Traditions,
there is a wealth of Vaishnava connections to be studied with regard
to the Planets and their Regents, the Planetary Devas or ‘Hosts’ and
lowest-level Cosmic ‘Angels’.

2. The Heavenly Jerusalem

However, there are many ranks of angels (agents or messengers of GOD)
in the Judeo-Catholic Tradition, and not just the celestial region of
the Planets and their Planetary Angels or Regents to be considered.
Beyond the celestial cosmos or star-studded dark sky of the Planets,
is the self-effulgent Heaven where God reigns as Basileos basileos.
This is the Greek Jewish Septuagint Era and Christian New Testament
Greek Name of God as the sacred “King of Kings”. Basileos basileos
is cognate with Sri Krishna’s Name ‘Vasudeva of the vasudevas’.
There are even Bactrian Era Indian Coins that show that Vasudeva was
translated as Bazodeo in Bactrian Greek. The Heavenly Jerusalem of
Basileos basileos is the transcendent spiritual realm where God is
primarily worshiped and served eternally in the loving moods or awe,
reverence and servitude. There is also a tradition that When God
descends to Earth in Glory, He brings His glorious majestic Retinue
and Abode with Him. Thus there are stories in various Eastern and
Western Bhakti traditions about the descent of God as the King of
Kings who restores the Earth and brings a golden age of peace and
prosperity with Him. ‘The king makes the age’. The Sacred Rex or
Regent King of the Western traditions is the same as the concept of
the Raja in the East. A king’s reign is his rajya. Mary, the Mother
of Jesus, as the Queen of all the Heavens is called REGINA or
BASILEA, which is are names cognate with RAJANI and VASUDEVI.

Thus Ram Rajya or the ideal of the deathless realm of perfect dharma,
restored by God’s glorious or majestic descent, pervades both the
traditions of Eastern and Western Devotional Monotheism. The
stories of God’s rule in “glory” on Earth reflect the doctrine of His
eternal rule in the transcendent self-effulgent Spiritual Sky, where
nothing is lit by the sun or lesser lights, because the Lord Himself
is the Light thereof (Bible New Testament Book of Revelations,
Chapter 22)! See the many references to God as the source of Light
in both the Hebrew Scriptures and the Jewish Greek Septuagint and the
Greek New Testament. In fact, the “light” of God in Greek is PHO,
PHOS, which is cognate with Sri Krishna’s Sanskrit Light BHA or
BHAS ! When Jews pray “Next year in Jerusalem”, and hope for the
Lord’s Messianic descent to redeem the Earth, and when Christians
pray for the return of Christ and His ‘Christendom’ descent of the
Heavenly Jerusalem, it is related to Vaishnavas praying for the
coming of Their Lord as Kalki Avatara, or the Reign of Rama (the
deathless Ram Rajya) to the sin-weary Earth. As in Heaven, so below,
the desire of the repentant and pious is for the reign of God in
every heart and home.

3. Beyond Beyond the Great Beyond, in the Heaven-of-heavens Garden of
Paradise, in Godhead’s Dance of Divine Love

New Jerusalem

In Judaism and Catholicism, beyond the dark Celestial Cosmos of the
Planets and their Regents, and beyond God’s Realm of Majesty in the
bright Heaven of the Spiritual Sky, is the “Heavenly of the
heavenlies” where God dwells among His consecrated virgins and those
devoted to Him in Bridal Mysticism and other intimate flavors of
Divine Love ! In this Supreme Abode is the Garden of Paradise, where
the sacred Jewish Hora or Catholic Chorus Dance is eternally
performed by God and His Beloved. There God is the ever new Youthful
Beauty and Divine Lover of Shekinah / Shakti, and the souls devoted
to Him in the mystical mood of Her PERFECT YES. There is every
evidence that this Bridal Mysticism Tradition in Judaism and
Catholicism is related to the ‘Platonic’ worship of Eli-Yahu as
Helios Meghistos Kouros on the Sacred Isle of Rhodes in the Eastern
Mediterranean. In the Judeo-Catholic Biblical Book the “Song of
Songs”, God as the Supreme Lover and Shekinah as His Feminine Beloved
are even referred to with the Rhodian-related Hebrew reference words
derived from DODA. We can confirm the relationship between Kouros
(Krishna) as Rodos and His Beloved Roda on Rhodes, with the Jewish
Doda of the “song of Songs”, by the fact that the Rodanim of Rhodes
are also called Dodanim in the Hebrew Bible. Jewish scholars have
long speculated on the possible relationship of their own “Bridal
Mysticism” to some other hierogamos divine love mystical tradition in
the ancient Mediterranean. I have now positively identified that
Tradition as the Hora / Chorus Dance centered worship of Rhoda-
Shekinah (Radha-Shakti) and Helios Meghistos Kouros (Krishna) on
Rhodes, the ancient regional locus of Afro-Egyptian, Semitic and
European Devotional Monotheism.

Significantly, while Jesus Christ was being crucified, He told the
repentant devotee next to Him, “This day you will be with Me in
Paradise” !

Chakravartin - Lord Krsna, Balarama and the Gopis

On Rhodes and throughout the region, Eli-Yahu / Heli-Us / Heru-Asu
was worshiped in two co-eternal Kouros Juvenalis (Yuvana / Youthful)
or ‘Lover of the soul’ Forms. His Second Person ( Asu Theos /
VASUDEVA, Bal or Dio Nysos / Deva Nyasa) was both the initiating
Master of His Mysteries, and His Alter-Form for His variegated
Pastimes of Divine Love. It is this Second Person of the Eli-Yahu
Triune Godhead, Who Christ’s Apostles taught that Jesus Christ was /
is. Only if Jesus was the Second Person of the Godhead, the
Hierophant and Lord of the Sacred Chorus Dance, could He directly
bless anyone to meet Him there in Paradise ! Thus we see that in
various schools of Vaishnavism, Lord Baladeva also has His Rasa
Lila ! The Third Person of this Trinity is Paramatma or the Holy
Spirit. It is now wrongly claimed by some that the ancient Jews had
no concept of this Trinity. However, the fact that they did can be
seen in the many Biblical references to God’s “Spirit”, as when King
David prays “take not your spirit from me”. In fact there is a
related Bridal Mysticism tradition in Judaism of all finite spirit-
sparks being the children of God and His feminine Shekinah ! Thus we
can see that the Jews and other Proto-Catholic Heliopolitan
Monotheists of the region worshiped God as the Triune
Transcendent ‘Father’, Mediating descending Incarnating Messiah and
Immanent Holy Spirit. In this Tradition, the Feminine Shekinah
(Receiving Energy or Shakti of God) is both the Mother of all beings
and pervasive as the spiritual-sparks or finite ‘souls’ of all
beings. Thus She is the Origin of the ‘HEVE or JIVA Shakti ! “Eve”
in Hebrew, and “Jiva” in Sanskrit both mean “living’ or to “live”,
and are used in the feminine mode to mean the receiving ‘self’ in
relationship to Purusha, the masculine giver Godhead. It is the
Second Person of this Tradition of the Triune giving Adi Purusha, Who
is the one eternal Savior. So when Catholic consecrated virgins
meditate on entering the sacred Chorus Dance in the Garden of
Paradise in the highest Heaven of the Heavenlies, it is not to dance
as ‘bridesmaids’ with God the Father, but to dance with Jesus Christ,
the Hierophant and Savior, Second Person of the Godhead, or ‘God the
Son’ in His eternal youthful Form of Kouros Bal-Asu / Bal-Yahu

The Rasa Dance of Balarama

One may argue that according to Gaudiya Vaishnava Siddantha, Sri
Baladeva’s Rasa Dance with the Gopis is different from that of Sri
Krishna’s. Yes, according to Gaudiya Tradition there is a
difference, but please remember that Sri Baladeva is also non-
different from Sri Krishna, and that He is the Master of all of the
Mysteries of Sri Sri Radha Krishna. When He dances with the Gopis,
they are all completely satisfied! There is also no question of ever
getting the mercy of Sri Sri Radha Krishna without the mercy of Lord
Baladeva, Who is the sole Protector and Savior of all devotees, and
the sole Master and Initiator into the highest “Bridal Mysticism”
Mysteries of the Garden of Paradise. The Bucolic Boukolion site of
the Hierogamos Mysteries of God is called Paradise (English from the
Biblical Greek), PARDES in Biblical Hebrew, and these words are
cognate with PARADESHA in Sanskrit. ‘Bucolic’ (English from Greek)
meaning a pastoral cow-paradise, clearly refers to the Lord’s
pastoral home called GOKULA! Compare the highest paradise of the Adi
Buddha Amitabha (HRIH Amida) in Pure Land Buddhism, which is called

To enter the Platonic Bucolic Paradise where Kouros and His
Hierophant Dionysos herd Their sacred white cows and lead Their
Chorus Circle KYKLOS / CHAKRA Dance, one must first accept the
salvation offered by Dionysos, the one initiating Hierophant, Who is
in Judeo-Catholicism Lord Bal-Yahu or Yahu-Shua (Jesus) Christ. As
it is said in the Gaudiya Tradition…one cannot get the mercy of Sri
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (Sri Sri Radha-Krishna), without first getting
the saving mercy of Sri Nityananda Balarama ! The Jewish parallel
would be that one cannot enter into the highest Mysteries of Father
God and His Beloved Shekinah, without the redemption of the Messiah.
All Orthodox Jewish Rabbis are types of the One Messiah, Who redeems
His people. Like Vaishnava Gurus, they also intercede for the sins
of their disciples / people and purify them for intimate service to
God. Like matchmakers, the traditional Rabbis of Orthodox Judaism
try to reunite God with the separated spiritual “sparks” or children
of the Shekinah, who have ‘fallen’ into the material realm of birth,
death, disease and old age. To even see a picture of a saintly
rabbi is considered purifying to an Orthodox Jew, and can reunite the
separated soul spark to God.

To Christians, Jesus Christ has been revealed as the Second Person of
the Trinity, and the One Master and Hierophant (High Priest), Who is
the Initiating Lord of the Dance of Divine Love in the Transcendental
Garden of Paradise. In Catholicism His tradition has been continued
in various Rites of diksha / disciplic initiation by His Apostles and
Saints. For sincere Jewish devotees of the Lord, who have not
received the Christian Revelation of Jesus, their salvation and
entrance into the Mysteries is through their Rabbi (initiating Guru),
who is the One Transcendental Messiah-Savior’s personal revelation to
them ! Thus In Vaishnavism, as in Judaism and Catholicism, the
ultimate and transcendent One Redeemer and supreme Spiritual Master
is revealed to each devotee through his proximate Guru and Guru Varga
tradition. In all three Traditions, Vaishnavism, Judaism and
Catholicism, there is no possibility of humans getting the mercy of
Father God or Mother Shakti / Shekinah, without first getting Their
Mercy through the Person of Their Incarnate Spiritual Master and
Redeemer. Lord Baladeva (Bal-Yahu) revealed as Jesus Christ, or
one’s Rabbi or Guru, or Saving Saint, is the fount of Godhead’s and
Shakti’s mercy in this world. He Alone, the Second Person of the
Trinity, can deliver one from the miseries of the Saha World, and
grant one entrance into the eternal Dance of Divine Love, which is
beyond the dark starry cosmos and the self-effulgent Heavenly City of
God, in the Singularly Transcendent Garden of Paradise !

May we all surrender to His merciful Love, and honor all of His
Saintly Agents in this world and beyond !

Bhakti Ananda Goswami

About Collected Works of Sri Bhakti Ananda Goswami

This site is a repository of the written work of Bhakti Ananda Goswami managed by one of his students, Vrndavan Brannon Parker. Bhakti Ananda Goswami is a practicing Catholic Hermit under private vows, and a Vedic Monk in the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya-Vaishnava Lineage Tridanda Sannyasi and Siksha (Instructing) Master. His research provides the evidence proving that at the ultimate source there is only One Religion and Divinity yet there are multiple expressions of that religion and Divinity. Read the various collected articles on this site revealing that ancient Humanity was highly evolved and motivated by transcendent and life affirming impulses leading to High Civilization. (Please Note that this site is not maintained and updated by Bhakti Ananda Goswami himself but is managed by one of his students. Though he does scan the site he is not always able to respond to messages or comments.)

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