The Name Jesus and the Name Vishnu


“In The Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ According to Saint Matthew Chapter 1 Mary was instructed to name her Divine Son of ELI “YEHO-SHUA” (“JESUS”).
In Hebrew the various forms of this name meant YAHU SAVES or YAHU IS SALVATION. ”

The root meaning of YA, and the root meaning of VISHNU is to BE, EXIST, DWELL or ENDURE. The IS, ESSE, OUSIOS, YAHU or ’BEING’ name of God also has Masculine Forms in the First Person Singular. He is the PURUSHA AS THE GREAT I AM or YA, IAS, or IUS, IOS, OS and various related masculine prefixes and suffixes on Sanskrit, Greek, Roman, Hebrew and Egyptian theophoric names refer to the masculine Supreme Being Who Is.

Now let us consider the second part of the holy name YAHU-SHUA. In Egyptian the determinative symbol for the Savior God was a White Plume (feather) with the sound-value SHU, which was the DEITY’S NAME. The Hebrew word SHUA means to SAVE or DELIVER and the Sanskrit SHU means to SAVE, REDEEM, AQUIT, BUY BACK FROM CONDEMNATION, PURIFY BY SACRIFICE, CLEAN, SANCTIFY, and it is found in words like SUKRA and SUKLA. SUKRA BALA or SUKLA BALA is a name of BALA DEVA. By this name he is snow-white in color, and is associated with purification by sacrifice. Now if we look at the cult of BAL-YAHU or SKR-ASU in Egypt, we see that the Second Person of the ELI-YAHU Godhead is associated with salvific intercession and every kind of purifactory sacrifice or sacrament. YAHU-BAL as SKR (’SOKAR’) SUKRA MAKES THINGS AND PERSONS PURE OR SACRED. Both SKR and SHU are manifestations of the same Deity, ASU / WASU. This Deity in India is called SUKRA BALA and like SHU in Egypt, he WEARS A WHITE PLUME ! Baladeva’s Plume can even still be seen on many Vaishnava Murtis today. The symbol of the hero savior wearing the white plume even comes through into the use of the white plume to identify the late European SOTER. In Egypt, the name YAHU-SHUA would be ASU-SHU or WASU-SHU and there are in fact these compound Nama-Rupas of the ASAR / OSIRIS Deity there, because ASU / WASU has a white plumed form as SHU and a sacrifical saving form as SKR as well. So the name YAHU-SHUA compounds the Deity name YAHU with the name SHU, but can we find any cognate in the Vaishnava Sanskrit Tradition? Yes, and significantly the forms of this name MEAN EXACTLY THE SAME THING AS THE COMMON TRANSLATION OF YESHUA / JESUS !

The Deity name YASHAS or YASO (various forms), which is a combination of PURUSHA’s NAME YA / AH or VASU, and the word SHU, means “YA (PURUSHA, ASHURA, VASU-DEVA, VISHNU) SAVES”. Or it means “YA IS SALVATION” or “YA PURIFIES”, “YA REDEEMS”, “YA AQUITS”

YA IS A NAME OF VISHNU AS THE COSMIC PURUSHA, WHOSE RIG VEDIC (PURUSHA SUKTA HYMN) SELF-SACRIFICE “TAKES AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD” ! Thus to a Vaishnava the name YASHAS means “YA (PURUSHA VISHNU) SAVES”, “YA IS SALVATION” etc., EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE HEBREW THEOPHORIC NAME YAHU-SHUA / JESUS. In addition to this, a review of personal names in a good Sanskrit Vaishnava Scriptural Lexicon reveals that KRISHNA-VISHNU HAS MANY ’SON’ FORMS NAMED YASHAS, AND HIS LAST TWO INCARNATIONS IN THE END OF KALI YUGA ARE BOTH CALLED VISHNU-YASHAS ! Furthermore, the final destruction or liberation of enslaved sinners by KALKI AVATARA, the last of these Yashas Yuga Incarnations, is clearly related to the ’Second Coming of Christ’ revelation in the Bible’s last Book, the Apocalypse.

About Collected Works of Sri Bhakti Ananda Goswami

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  1. There are numerous Jesus Christ / SHU parallels: in their names, artistic depictions, their roles, Mysteries…SHU is represented in ancient Egyptian art in cruciform (cross-shaped body-posture), with arms outstretched, bridging, upholding & uniting heaven & earth. I cannot post a picture here but here but they’re on google as is more info on SHU…
    One translation of SHU is “He who rises up”. SHU, the son of ATUM-RA, is the god of light personified, as well as the spirit of life. SHU is the protector and the punisher of souls in the afterlife… SHU is central to the Holy Name JESUS CHRIST and to Christology itself.. as is YA.

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