AHMN/AMEN/AMUN was also called HAP

The Blue Egyptian God Hapy

The Blue Egyptian God Hapy

AHMN / AMEN / AMUN was also called HAP or ‘P. and His by-Name ‘P/B and its Hieroglyph contained the most astounding Trinitarian Theology in it! It meant that ‘HP/B Amun was simultaneously Hiding or Covering all, and Hidden or covered-by all! It also revealed HIM to be the very APPARITION, EPIPHANY or very Revelation by which we can ‘SEE’ God-With-Us (EMMANuEL)! Thus God Heru/ ELI- Amun was HYPER SUPREME ABOVE and OUTSIDE OF ALL, TRANSCENDENT and simultaneously SUB, BELOW, BENEATH and WITHIN INSIDE OF ALL!

In the Holy Name ‘HAP/AB, Greek Hyp and Sub, we see the Doctrine of the Transcendent Covering-all God Who is also the Immanent Hidden-by-All Lord of the Heart, the Holy Spirit! Their very Name-Form as Logos and Veritas Icon is the Intermediate world Incarnate and sense-perceivable Second Person of this Trinity, Ausu or Yahu Bal Who is the Revelator Emmanuel God with us. He ALONE reveals the unseen Transcendent Father and immanent Holy Spirit!
His is the Docrine of PER-RA-AMEN or PeR-AMN was associated with His doctrine of PER-RA-ATUM. These are the related doctrines of Brahman and Paramatman!

King Akhnaten Basks in the Blessings (Karuna) or Corona of Aten

As the Brahman is the bodily effulgence or RAYS of Hari, Amun RA is the bodily Corona or Rays of HERU. These Rays are also called the ATUM /ATEN Form of HERU-AMUN, the Hidden and Hiding God! The City of Heliopolis or AMUN RA was Called ON or OM ! AUM or OM is Brahman, or PR-AMN the City of Amun!

Amun and Atum etc is all Manifest through, with, in, and by the Second Person of HERU (Hari) Lord Baladeva. This is Ausu / Ausar (Osiris) of the Egyptians and Greeks and TOBA-YAHU (BAL) of the Semities and WASU-DEOS, VASU-DEVA of the Southern Egyptians at THEBES. Thebes was called WST / VASTU and DIO-POLIS-MAGNUS or Maha-Deva-Purusha!

Jesus as the Great AMUN is the Incarnation of the primal Hiding, Hidden and Revealing God of Heliopolis and Thebes!


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