How Can One Recognize Krishna?


How can one recognise Krishna in this beautiful picture?

1. Sri Krishna is a beardless ever NEW YOUTH/JUVENILE with Long Hair. Heru-Ausu Eli-Yahu Hari-Vasu Helios Kouros, Zeus Kouros and Jupiter JUVENalis is Krishna NAVA YAUVANA
Sanskrit: yauvana nava-yauvana — newly youthful; SB 8.8.41-46 yauvan…a — of youth; SB 10.90.1-7 yauvana — youth; CC Adi 13.18 yauvana — youth; CC Adi 13.27 … – 

2. Sri Krishna is the most beautiful male/masculine person. Helios (Apollo / Gopala) Kouros is always the supreme ideal of the aesthetics’ masculine/Giver beauty. Rhoda-Kore is Srimate Radharani as His feminine Receiving Shakti / Shekinah or Pleasure Potentia. The great beauty and naturalism of Monumental Greek Stone Sculpture in the Round was developed specifically to make the ‘cult images /statues’ of Helios Kouros and Rhoda-Kore of Rhodes, by the Rhodian School of religious Stone ‘cult image’ Sculptors. The Art History of Helios Kouros and Kore stone ‘cult images’ is therefore the history of the perfection of the carving of the Divine Human Form in stone.

When the “Hymn to Kouros” was discovered, it was still assumed by modern scholars that Zeus was the Supreme Father God of the polytheistic Greeks. But the Hymn to Kouros glorifies Kouros as the Origin of all of the Greek ‘Gods’. Only ONE GOD among the Greeks could be the Supreme or Megistos Kouros of the Hymn. This was HELIOS KOUROS OF RHODES. Even today whenever an early Greek Kouros or Kore ‘cult image’ or ‘funerary image’ or ‘votive offering’ is found, it will be immediately associated by Art Historians with the earlier HELIO-politan Kouros and Kore type sculptures in Egypt, and those of the Egyptian-related Cultus of Helios on the Sacred Isle of Rhoda and Rhodos Helios in the Mediterranean. On Ancient Rhodes, Africans, Europeans and Semites all worshiped HELIOS together.

In the ancient civilized world, it was beilieved that in pre-history Helios was worshiped as the Supreme Father God of ALL HUMANITY and BEINGS. Thus He was worshiped by all tribes and peoples, and to each people (and kind of being) He appeared as their Supreme IDEAL. In His Gita, Sri Krishna-Vishnu declares that HE is the Father of all beings! In the entire Universe and in every species of creature and human tribe He is the ultimate prajapati or progenitor! Thus, because HE is God, and not just some deified hero of a particular tribe or so-called ‘race’, He may be authentically depicted by each distinct people as their own Ideal of Kouros or Nava Yauvana Ever New Youthful Beauty.

So if it seems that we have seen the Ideal Beauty of the Face of God, or Jesus (Who is God as Asclepios-Serapis) depicted in our respective cultures all of our lives, it is because humans have been trying to depict this infinite and infinitely beautiful Revealed Kouros Krishna Face, or mature (bearded) Father God Face of His for thousands of years, and by now they are getting pretty good at it ! Thus we can recognise the FACE of Jesus as the Rhodian-related Asclepios or Serapis from thousands of years ago. The Face and Form of Sri Krishna, as depicted above, is the Classical Rhodian Type or Ideal. This seems very familiar to us devotees of European descent, but there is an equally great and ancient canon of the Lord’s Forms in Africa, the Orient and the even the Western Hemisphere. In these devotional cultures, the Supreme Lord as Youthful Origin and Mature Father God is the Ideal Type of the respective ARYAN peoples who worshiped Him. Is this a racial statement? Doesn’t the Sanskrit word ARYA or ARYAN mean a specific Indo-Iranian-European ‘WHITE RACE’ ? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

Originally ARYA refered to any people of-from-or-related-to HARI, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In modern times Mahatma Gandhi called the poor of India the HARI-JANAS. This is illustrative of how the Peoples, or gods etc. of, from, or related-to HARI were identified in the ancient world, by the dawn of High Civilizations and writing. In India we find that the ancient worshipers of HARI were also called the SURA-GANA! ARYAN / SURAGANA/ HARIJANA are all obviously cognates. AND, the unified worship of HARI (Krishna-Vishnu) and HARA (Shiva) is attested-to by HARI-HARA cognate Holy Names amoung the Semites and Africans as well. Thus the Hebrew ELI-EL and the African HERU-HOR!

What about other peoples? For example we now have records of the Biblical Semites’ ELI-EL ELOHIMA ‘gods’, the Niger-Kordofanian Africans who worshiped OLU and the Nilo-Saharan Africans who worshiped HERU, the Hurrians of ancient Mitanni, the Greek Hellenes and other peoples, including non-Indo-Europeans who worshiped Helios or HERU-ASU, ELI-YAHU etc. This racial universalism of the prehistoric and earliest worship of HARI proves that the racist division of Greater India and Sri Lanka etc. into warring ‘White’ racist so-called ‘Aryans’ versus ‘Black’ racist so-called ‘Dravidians’ is a later invention of these racists, and not an historically authentic division of the peoples of India along ancient racial-religious affiliations of Vishnu or Shiva, or even nonsense ‘Dravidian’ Ravana worship!

Indo-Iranian-and Southern European / Mediterranean Rhodian related Forms of God are especially attractive to people who have a subtle attachment to what they think of as an ‘Aryan’ race. However, the term ARYA in the ancient Sanskrit Source works, and its cognates in OTHER ancient languages, does not refer to a single ‘race’, but to any people or class of ‘gods’ who are from, or who worship HARI, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, in ANY of His NAMA-RUPA Name-FORMS.

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