God is Blue!


A blue god appears in this copy of Pharaoh and a Temple Chantress present offerings to Amon, by Ernst Weidenbach, 1845. The skin of the Egyptian god Amon was rendered blue.

God is Blue! Elsewhere, beginning in the late 1960s, I have written a lot about the subject of God being Blue. Recently we have posted an excellent paper on the Jewish God being blue, by a Jewish Scholar! Art Historians recognise that there is what they call a class of supreme father ‘sky’ gods who are consistently depicted as Blue for the Daytime or ‘Black’ for Night. The Night Form of the Father-Heaven Supreme God is easy to recognise often studded with stars and associated with the Lord as the Virata Rupa, or Jagannatha Purusha as Kalah Purusha /Time. As Time and Eternity, God is not just the mundane demi-god of the material sun, moon and stars, used to measure our Earthly days and nights, seasons and longer CYCLES / CHAKRAS of material Time. He is the Supreme Beyond-the-world Transcendent Deity that fathers and ultimately ‘devours’ all beings and things! This Wrathful Lion-Headed all-Devouring Form as Nara-Hari Kalah Purusha is Sri Krishna’s frightening Lion-Headed Universal Theophany or Apparition that appeared to ARJUNA in the Bhagavad-Gita! 

Ra (Re) is the creator of light and all things. It is believed that humankind was born from the tears of Ra and that he created the first couple: Shu and Tefnut. They were the parents of the earth and sky. Ra was usually depicted in human form with a falcon head, crowned with the sun disc and encircled by a cobra. The sun itself was taken to be either his body or his eye.

But to devotees, the Lord is always their dearmost Friend and Liberator! The devotee, who is like the little child Prahlada, does not see the horrific or ‘Bairab’ Wrathful Dharma Protector Forms of the Lord, that are revealed to Kshatriyas like Arjun, the child-like devotee sees only the beautiful Form of the Lord appropriate to his or her own affective age and rasa flavor of relational LOVE. Thus when some devotees behold the Universal Form of Lord Jagannatha of Puri, with His huge round Sun and Moon Eyes and black star-studded Body, they actually SEE the beautiful Kouros Form of Sri Krishna! When Prahlad beholds the horrific (Bairava) Form of Nara-Hari, he SEES the beautiful all-benevolent Blue Form of Krishna! This is why in Murtis or Sacred Art depictions of little child Prahlada with the Bairava horrific Form of Nara-Hari, Prahlad never shows any fear, and is smiling like he is seeing Beautiful Young Krishna!


In the same way, in the Heliopolitan Asyla Federations of the ancient Mediterranean Region, the MYSTERIES of a particular devotional cultus of the Lord often were revealed to the initiates in such a way that they understood the Form behind the Form, or the True Identity of the Deity being approached through the diksha or disciplined study and holy service of the Lord or Our Lady in the Sri Murti or ‘cult image’ of the group. Thus, for example, an initiate of the Asclepius Cultus of Rhodes would have learned that Asclepius was the Great Physician Form of Yahu-Bal or Dionysos the Hierophant of the Hierogamos Bridal Mysticism Mysteries of Rhoda and Kouros on Their Sacred Isle of Rhodes! The devotees of HERU as the man-headed-lion-bodied Sphinx would have learned that this was a public Form of the Deity Whose private or Esoteric True Form was man-bodied and Lion-Headed! Of course nothing remains hidden forever and so there are many variations of the Lion-headed human-bodied Form of HERU God ARI-YAHU throughout the region! On Jewish Artifacts the Jewish Deity is depicted both ways, with a lion head and human body, and as a Sphinx, with a human head and lion body!

Ancient American Indian petroglyph Depicting the Flute-playing Kokopelli with the Disk/Cross Emblem of Vishnu

Now one must realize that when they see a BLUE Hopi ‘Solar’ Corn-Boy, Helios-related Jupiter, Zeus, Heru-Amun-Ra, or read of the Blue Form of the Jewish Deity, etc. these are all Forms of the Same Beyond-this-World ‘Heavenly Father’ or Earth-Transcending Sky God. Since historically and theologically these ‘Gods’ all originate from Sri Krishna / Helios Megistos Kouros, and He is Blue, it follows that His important expansions like Vishnu or Narayana, the Buddhist Avalokitehvara / Lokeshvara and Shiva are also depicted as Blue.





Egyptian God Bes

Mother Mary Garbed in Sacred Blue

Ancient American Indian Kokopelli in Blue

American Indian Hopi 'Sky God' Masks

' rejoice friends, for Hapy has arrived '

Egyptian God Bes

Egyptian God Knum

Ancient Egyptian Blue Sphinx Pendants

Japanese Blue God

Emperor Charlemagne in Sacred Blue Garb



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  1. Dear Friends, Until I learn how to edit my documents on this site, and to post pictures, our kind website Designer and Administrator here is trying to get examples off of the internet to illustrate the points in my writings. So I will try to comment on some of these images, for clarification.

    From the top…

    At various Shrines and over the thousands of years of Heliopolitan related relgious traditions in Egypt and the surrounding regions, many of the Forms of Helios and His Expansions, Theophanies and Incarnations were depicted as blue in color. They were also depicted as green, golden, snow-white, black and red, and in many chimeric, sphinx or other human-animal and non-human and non-animal Forms. Essentially this was because all of these Forms of Godhead, while revealing something about God, mainly revealed that God was not a mere human being! God was origially and always starkly OTHER, except in the HUMAN Purusha Incarnation(s) of His Second Person the all-saving Great Physician.

    Please refer to this SAME practise in Vaishnavism and Pure Land Buddhism, in which the Theophanies and Incarantions etc. Forms of the Lord may be human-like, non human and many non-human colors. In Vaishnavism it is taught that the Lord and His associates in the Highest Paradise are the colors of transcendental flowers! On Rhodes, Rhoda and Rhodos, Nymphia and Nymphos and Their Woods Nymphs all had Flower and Tree by-Names!

    • Do a google search for Kentucky blue people. There is a recessive gene that causes the skin to look blue. I can not remember the details, but i believe it had something to do with how the blood processes oxygen. This family was isolated in the back woods of Kentucky along with a few other family’s that intermarried. Which increased the likely hood of offspring of having the gene. One from each parent. Note the condition is not caused by inbreeding. Intermarriage only increases the chance. The original parents where of no relation.

  2. Blue as the color of the Supreme Father God was common world-wide in the ancient Helios-related Traditions. Thus Heru-Asu (Helios-Osiris to the Greeks), and His Theophanies etc. such as Amun (Amen,Ammon, Amon etc.), Ra (RE, ‘R = Heru), Ptah, Khnum, Min and Anubis were often depicted as Blue. This is the same practise as in Indian Vaishnavism and Shaivism and throughout the range of Pure Land Buddhism, where Krishna-Vishnu and Avalokiteshvara and Their alter-Forms, including Mahadeva (Shiva) are often depicted as Blue or ‘Sky’ colored.

    The polytheistic ‘Hindu’-like ancients of the Mediterranean region generally identified the Greek Zeus with the Roman Jupiter, and thought of Zeus or Jupiter as the ‘father’ or ‘king’ of a hierachy of super-human like MUNDANE ‘gods’. When Zeus or Jupiter was consistently depicted as a king with a thunderbolt (Indo-Tibetan Vajra) and he was called Fulgar ‘Lighting-bearer’, this definitiely associated him with the Vedic INDRA, whose worship by the people of Sri Krishna’s own village was opposed by Krishna! (see the story of Giridhari Krishna!)
    The lives of the people who worshiped these false gods, that were thought to be independent-of or superior-to Heru-Ausu-Atum, were dominated by mythology and superstition, the enslaving rule of their false gods and the constant need to perform blood-sacrifices and even human sacrifices for the appeasment of their false gods. This ‘mode of Passion’ and ‘mode of ignorance’ worship of false gods is clearly described and criticized by Krishna-Vishnu Himself in His Bhagavad-Gita. Also we have so many other examples from the Vaishnava Scriptures about the error of worshiping false gods, and how Krishna-Vishnu should ONLY be worshiped in the benevolent non-violent Mode of Goodness! The story of Vasudeva Paundraka is another very important window into how the self-appointed false gods of Krishna’s own Gita Theophany Era tried to impersonate Him. Actually in the Mediterranean we have many examples of such impersonation of ZEUS or JUPITER, as HELIOS POLIEUS, and when taken together, these reveal the Supreme God of the Region as the Sacred Polieus/Purusha King REX/RAJA or BASILEOS/VASUDEVA to be the actual Form of Krishna-Vasudeva the king of Dvarka, Dvarkadish! (Warka, Uruk Erech of the Erectids).

    An actual study of the sources shows that there was another Tradition in the region, that from Age to Age challenged and opposed the mythology, doctrines and practices of the false gods. This was Heliopolitan Monotheism, and its claim was that Kouros Helios was the Original Supreme Personality of Godhead! This claim was then, and still is, supported by the evidence that Helios Kouros of Rhodes and Heliopolis Egypt was the Origin of all of the so-called Polieus / Per-Ausu / Purusha / Pharonic ‘gods’ of most ancient HERU-Ausu Helios worshiping Egypt. These were also the ‘Elohima’ Persons of the Semitic Godhead ELI-YAHU-ADON and Their Nome-God Pharonic Polieus elohima ‘gods’.

    Although there were schisms that divided the ancient Egyptian Tradition of Heliopolis, especially between the great Religious Centers of the North and the South (Thebes WAST/VASTU), in Egypt Zeus and Jupiter were NOT thought of as mere powerful demigods or mundane planetary regents. Instead they were equated with HERU-AUSU-AMUN-RA. Thus, when Alexander the Great went to visit the shrine of AMUN in the remote Western Desert of SIWA, he was not thinking of his ‘Father’ Zeus-Amun as the mundane ‘Zeus’ of Homeric Mythology. Instead He equated the Zeus-Amun of Siwa with the Greek Philosophers’ Helios and Asclepius-Serapis. Amun-Ra was especially associated at Thebes with the Lion-Headed Form of Helios as TIME. He was the PATRON of KSHATRIYAS Dharma Protectors and the Armies of Godhead! Alexander sought His blessing as a soldier, Anointed King and leader of military expeditions. Believing that he had this blessing, he was unstoppable until an apparition related to Serapis withdrew this Protection from him.

    That Zeus-Jupiter as a Form of Helios Polieus was AMUN can be seen by the HORNS on this late Zeus depicted above. Of course the horns on Amun in Egypt are of an extinct Sacred Ram, which was possible driven to extinction by sacrifice! Over time various ram-horns were used for the determinative of AMUN, and then as associated with the APIS BULL as HAP-AMUN, Amun sometimes inherited an Apis Bull’s horns. HERU-HAPI (Hor-Hap) is the very ancient Heliopolitan and Semitic Deity ELI-HABHA or the much later Alexandrian Era SERAPIS.

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  4. I have seen one of these blue skinned beings in July 2008 about 10:30 pm small town Missouri USA . I noticed him standing in the shadows on a side road beside a building. He walked straight foreward into the light to meet our car. He walked up to the middle line in the road as we drove by.

    As we passed he tipped his head & smiled at me. He looked right at me, the other person in the car seen nothing. He was very real to me I seen him long before the car arrived at our passing. I watched him walk about 50′.
    He was wearing Black with silver cresent moon design very Arabic clothing. His coat had many things hanging from it they looked like maybe black fur animal tails his black boots laced up the front. He had jet black hair & mustache & goatee, normal thin straight man nose, piericing eyes, very beautiful. I thought it was Krishna but the clothing was wrong.
    I finally found a picture of what he was after much research. His hat was the best clue it was black cloth with silver cresent moons. The cloth of his hat met & folded inward at his forehead. He was a Djinn. After researching Djinn I found that Djinn have blue skin. The Quran says that Satin or Satan was a Djinn & was in the Garden of Eden. Other text say Satan took a 3rd of the angels when he was cast out & one text says about 300 came down to earth. So I took it as the blue skinned ones are not good because they mislead humans away from true enlightenment.

  5. About a year ago I had an in tense religious experience , where believe it or not I saw God. The first thing I knew was it was God, I then realized he wasn’t jehovah ! Imagine my shock, being all my life a hard core Presbyterian. I however felt waves of compassion coming off this being. And knew without a doubt he loved me and wouldn’t hurt me. I’ve since changed my beliefs to be more inclined with Hinduism.. oh and that mainly because yes…he was Blue! Take this for what it is but I know what I saw was real. He cares for us all and is in us all. ty for this article… Billy Oklahoma city.

    • One more tidbit , I forget which name or what number. But in the thousand names of Vishnu, one of the names means ” because I’m blue”. On YouTube there’s a version of the chant which is slowed down with English explanations of each name…its posted by the channel the vedic way

  6. Great story, it might be possible you saw kokopelli as he is often to have been seen wearing all sorts of charms and trinkets, and some crazy head gear. He would play his flute to annouce his arrival at different ancient American villages. Where he would tell story’s and trade for the different tallismans he had hanging all over him ..oh yeah and many tribes Always depict him as….Blue. peace..Billy Oklahoma city

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