The Most Holy Trinity/Trikaya/Vishnos tu Trini Rupani


I have a question regarding the Trinity:
I have just received the Asclepius textbook you recommended. I will begin reading it. I understand that your thesis is that Asclepius is the 2nd person of the Trinity. Can you please list exactly what the conceptions of the Trinity are cross-culturally‎? In Catholicism the 1st person does not incarnate, only the 2nd person? Many thanks for your kind and patient instruction.

Bhakti Ananda Goswami Answers: You are not understanding the Theology of Radha-Krishna and Baladeva centric Vaishnavism, as this has been preserved from the most ancient Heliopolitan times to today, and delivered quite intact, especially through the Tradition of the Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam as presented by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada and his Gaudiya Vaishnava Lineage religious relatives. Amazingly many long-time initiated Gaudiya Vaishnavas that I have met ALSO do not understand the THEOLOGY of their Faith! Especially they do not seem to really grasp the importance of Baladeva! Understanding this Vaishnava Doctrine of the actual irreducible 3 Persons of the Most Holy Trinity / Trikaya / Vishnos tu Trini Rupani, is essential to making all of the cross-traditional connections that I am trying to tell everyone about.

    • 1. Krishna Bhagavan Hari (ELI) TRANSCENDENT ORIGIN ‘FATHER’



      >In Catholicism the 1st person does not incarnate, only the 2nd person? Many thanks for your kind and patient instruction

      cCATHOLICISM teaches that the Most Holy Trinity is a MYSTERY. The
      First Paradox is how 3 Persons can be One Godhead, not 3 Gods! Yes you are partially correct in the sense that only the Second Person ‘incarnates’, but it can be legitimately argued that because the Persons of the Trinity are inseparably One in Being (Homo-Ousios) and one Godhead, that the First and Third Person are also 100% present when-ever and where-ever the Second Person is!

      The Persons Purushas of the Heliopolitan and Gita-Centric Godhead are simultaneously inconceivably One and Different! This was actually the Theological premise that Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was especially famous for. He insisted that the Lord had the paradoxical abilty to be simultaneously One and Different!

      Regarding Lord Baladeva, think on these things….

      In the Highest bucolic Heaven Sri Krishna’s paraphenalia, dress, astras, asanas and vahanas ..everything is manifest through Lord
      Baladeva. Lord Baladeva IS Sri Krishna’s variagated Form for pastimes! Thus Krishna’s Expansions are all manifest or revealed through with in and by Lord Baladeva His Second Self. Next, Lord Baladeva has manifest all of the Heavens and Worlds, including Goloka Vrindavan, and all of the Cowherd Boys. In the Rasa Lila Dance, Lord Baladeva stands-in for Krishna. In this world ALL that we can experience any of, and know in any way, is through etc. Lord Baladeva. He is Sri Krishna’s NAME, VAC, His MURTI, RUPA, the SOLE Revealer and Master of the Hiero-Gamos Mysteries of Radha-Krishna

      If anyone has seen HIM, they have seen the Father!

      SO, actually if one understands the entire effect of these various teachings about Vasu-Deva VISHNU (Baladeva) in relationship to Krishna, They will arrive at the conclusion that the Transcendent
      Sri Krishna, ‘never leaves Goloka Vrindavan’ and the only Beings that ever directly experience Him are Lord Baladeva and His Param Shakti Srimate Radharani

    • Thus They Alone, Lord Baladeva and Lord Paramatma and Their Shakti, can reveal the First Person of the Godhead! So Lord Jesus Bal-Yahu and Our Lady are always serving and glorifying God, and He in-turn delites to serve and glorify Them! 

      He reveals through Our Lady that His Second Person is the Servitor Lord! Lord Baladeva is the infinite Light of Godhead, the Brahman Effulgence. He is the Purusha-Ida remnents of the sacrifice of the Cosmic Purusha…PRASADAM! Thus He is the REAL PRESENSE of God in the Blessed Sacrament! He manifests all of the variegated Theophanies and Incarnations of God. He is the Name of God and He is God’s Sri Murti Sacred cultus Icon or Image. He is the Paraphenalia, Altar, and Temple of God. When anyone sees, tastes, touches, feels, smells or hears GOD, it is the Second Person of the Godhead WHO they are experiencing.


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