Krishna as Kama / Eros, and Love in the Flavor of Friendship God as Love in Platonism, Friendship in “The Nectar of Devotion”, and Other Musings on Love Here and Hereafter Conclusion


This is my particular realization about Sri Krishna being everywhere. He is in HISTORY and in His Books, but HE IS NOT A PRISONER OF THE PAST OR AN OBJECT.  HE IS PRESENT HERE AND NOW.  RIGHT NOW.  NOW.  NOW, AND ALL OF THE MOMENTS IN BETWEEN.  However, if we refuse to acknowledge His Presence, if we don’t accept His Love, His Self-Revelation from the past and the present too, these can’t change us, they cannot become part of us. We may be able to quote a lot of verses, but we will still be outside of the jar (how is that for a mixed metaphor?).  We may be adverse to the fallen ‘material’ world of sin, but we will not be filled with Krishna’s Love. Emptying out the false selfish ‘love’ of the fallen world is only required so that we can be filled with Krishna’s True Love. There are a lot of devotees / religionists around who are just empty. This is why they can continue to be negative and abusive after so many years of sadhana / religious discipline.  They are just stuck in the rejecting, emptying, aversion mode, and have not internalized, taken in the life-giving nourishment that will fill them up and make them positive, loving, forgiving, compassionate, kind people.   They have become adverse to the world, often by practicing unnecessary and artificial renunciation, but have not learned anything at all about loving mere sinners (like themselves) or allowing themselves to be loved. Such people often hide their profound bitterness and impersonalism behind a facade of ‘holy detachment’.  Such people hate sin, or the ‘material’ world, but that is not the same as loving God. Theravadin Buddhists, Mayavadi Hindus and Gnostic Impersonalists etc. also have disdain for this world, but they have no goal of developing love for God or other beings.  Their via-negativa of neti neti rejection and aversion is not the path of BHAKTI YOGA.  Such ‘Apophatic’  so-called spirituality is essentially  a kind of covered atheism.  It is iconoclastic and loveless.  It denies the INCARNATION, God’s Salvific Grace, and the REAL PRESENCE OF GOD-WHO-IS-LOVE in this world.  Opposed to this pseudo-spirituality of negation, impersonalism and voidism, THE BHAKTI YOGA PATH IS THAT OF POSTIVE PERSONALISM, THE PATH OF DIVINE LOVE, available through God’s Grace in His Chivalrous Second Person, the SAVING SERVITOR LORD.  We must go past mere aversion to sin and ‘the world’ to LOVE OF GODHEAD, AND TAKE HOLD OF THE MERCY OF GOD, otherwise we are still stuck in a form maya consciousness.   It may be anti-maya consciousness, but it is still a focus on maya instead of Krishna.


To answer this question, I would like to request everyone to read the Great I AM verses of the Bhagavad Gita, in Chapters 10 and 11.

In Chapter 10, text 17, Arjuna asks Sri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead:

“How should I meditate on You? In what various forms are You to be contemplated, O Blessed Lord?”

Krishna then replies with the great ‘I AM’ verses and manifests His Universal Form in an astounding Theophany that overwhelms Arjuna so much, that he begs Sri Krishna to conceal it again.

In this Theophany Sri Krishna reveals Himself as the Beginning, Middle and End of all existences. Everything exists from, through, with, in and by HIM. He is the Supreme Self in the heart of all beings, the strength of the strong, the virtue of the virtuous, even the daring /gambling / risk-taking of the cheats.  THE DEVAS, and finally Death Itself are all manifestations of Sri Krishna. All that is in the universe springs from but a spark of His splendor. This THEOPHANY of Sri Krishna is one of the two central revelations of the Bhagavad-Gita. The other of course is that simple Bhakti Devotion to the Person of Sri Krishna, the Original Supreme Personality of Godhead is recommended over all other practices of yoga.

Now if we reflect on all the ways that Krishna has revealed Himself in the Scriptures,  it should start to dawn on us that the ESSENCE OF THE BEINGNESS OF SRI KRISHNA IS DIVINE LOVE, AND THAT THE MOST CONFIDENTIAL KNOWLEDGE OF HIM IS KNOWLEDGE OF HIS LOVABLENESS and LOVINGNESS, AND HOW ALL WORLDS ARE SIMPLY PERVADED BY HIS LOVE. If even the daring gambling of the cheats manifests one of His all-pervasive opulences, and the most essential ‘part’ of His Being is LOVE, then how can we imagine that HIS LOVE DOES NOT PERVADE ALL THE WORLDS ?   Is there any little manifestation of REAL LOVE (LOBHA), attraction or desire anywhere that does NOT have Sri Krishna as its ULTIMATE CAUSE? Krishna is ULTIMATELY REVEALED AS THE ALL-ATTRACTIVE ONE. This is THE SUPREME LORD OF ALL HEARTS WHO REVEALED HIMSELF TO ARJUNA.   Is there any flavor of True Love anywhere that does NOT have Sri Krishna and His associates as its Ultimate Cause ?    If we actually understand Sri Krishna’s instruction to Arjuna in the Gita, we will begin to recognize the LOVING PERSONAL PRESENCE OF THE PERSONALITY OF GODHEAD PERVADING HIS ENTIRE CREATION. IN THIS WAY, EVERYTHING WILL BEGIN TO REMIND US OF SRI KRISHNA AS ITS ULTIMATE CAUSE AND END. IF WE ACTUALLY REALIZE KRISHNA’S OMNIPRESENCE, WE WILL EXPERIENCE HIS LOVE EVERYWHERE.

So rather than thinking ‘there is no Divine Love here’, once we begin to practice Bhakti Yoga, we should begin to see how Sri Krishna, the All-Lovable and All-Loving Personality of Godhead is pervading everything here with but a spark of His Splendor and a single drop of His nourishing, life-giving Love !  When we begin to see all beings / souls in relationship to Krishna, we will begin to experience their unique lovableness too. And, when we recognize that Krishna’s creations are pervaded by HIS LOVE FOR US, AND HIS ASSOCIATES’ LOVE FOR HIM IN ALL FLAVORS, then we will start to experience this omnipresent love ourselves, and to see the Lord and Our Lady’s Divine Love affair everywhere, spread throughout the cosmic manifestation.  ALL THAT IS HAPPENING HERE OR IN ANY OTHER WORLD IS GIVING AND RECEIVING, AND SRI KRISHNA IS REVEALED AS THE ORIGINAL AND ULTIMATE PURUSHA / GIVER AND SRI RADHA AS THE ORIGINAL AND ULTIMATE RECEIVER.  What They are giving and receiving is only LOVE. When we begin to see like this, the loveless world of Maha Maya will then miraculously disappear, and we will find ourselves in the care of YOGA MAYA, practicing the simultaneous means-and-end of Bhakti Yoga.   PRACTICING BHAKTI YOGA MEANS CONNECTING TO THE SOURCE, AND TRYING NOT TO IMPEDE THE FLOW OF DIVINE LOVE IN THE WORLD.

Bhakti Yoga is at once the means and the end. Once having truly entered upon the path of Bhakti Yoga, one has already arrived at one’s destination, because loving devotion is both the simultaneous means and end. Through Bhakti Yoga, we get more Bhakti Yoga !  There is not some other, higher goal, thing or state to be attained.  THE GOAL OF LOVE’S SERVICE IS MORE SERVICE.   WE MUST NEVER DESIRE TO WORK OURSELVES OUT OF THE JOB.   The greatest devotees don’t even care about their own personal salvation…only developing unconditional love for Godhead and Sri Radha !   The ultimate goal of the Bhakti Yogi is not to ‘merge into God’, or to even achieve some moksha or ‘liberation’.  The Saint of Bhakti Yoga only desires to continue to serve God, and in so doing, to be perfected in his love in relationship with Him and His associates throughout eternity.

Krishna desires that we perfect loving Him, through serving His servants. Therefore, wherever there are His servants, there must be Bhakti Yoga, and real, divine love. We must ourselves accept the gift of Yoga Maya’s love-anointed eyes, to see Sri Krishna, Radharani and Their Associates and Their Divine Love all around us !

Let us meditate on how being ‘Krishna Conscious’ means to be conscious of GOD-WHO-IS-LOVE all around us !

Remember, everything is from but a spark of His splendor !   This means all flavors and manifestations of REAL LOVE IN ALL WORLDS TOO.    IF KRISHNA PERVADES THE WORLDS, THEN THERE IS REAL LOVE HERE.

May Krishna Kana, the Lovable and Loving, reveal Himself to us today !   May Sri Radha, the Archetypal Soul, Divine Wisdom and Beloved of GOD-WHO-IS-LOVE bless us with Her service at the feet of Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga !   May Lord Baladeva (JESUS), the Servitor Lord and Savior of all worlds, engage us in His salvific service of unconditional Loving today !

Sri Sri Radha-Krishna Ki Jaya !

Lord Baladeva Ki Jaya !

Trying to learn something about LOVE,

your aspiring servant, Bhakti Ananda Goswami



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