Jesus, Mary & the Red Inner Garment of Rhodos and Rhoda

  • Please note that Jesus, like Mary, wears the Red inner garment of Rhodos and Rhoda on Rhodes, and the outer Garment of ‘Royal Blue’ that is a pictorial pun on Their ‘Blue’ NHR/NHL Name, which is still extant in India as NILA. Mother Durga and Lakshmi are sometimes symbolized by, or wear garments of Blue. Mother Durga (Nila) is the External Shekinah Shakti or Receiving Potency of the Lord. Srimate Radha-Rani is the Internal Potency of the Lord. Thus there is a pervasive Tradition to depict both the Lord as Rhodos and His Supreme Shakti Rhoda as wearing an inner garment of RED/Rhodos, Rhoda to represent Their highest Identities within the Bridal Mysticism of Rhodes. They also wear the outer garment of ROYAL BLUE, because They are worshiped exoterically as the NHR/NHL etc. King and Queen of Heaven and Earth. They are the Raja / Rex / Regent and Rajani / Regina /Rani, and the Basileos and Basilea, the Vasudeva and Vasudevi worshiped in awe and reverence throughout the ancient world!   Dewnada Ythu wrote:
    The Ophites, the early Christian heretical sect, worshipped Christ in the form of a Snake.

    The Greek term naos was used in two senses: it may refer to a ”temple” in general, but in a more technical sense it refers to that part of the temple that encloses the image of the divinity, so that it can be best translated as ”shrine.”

    Every temple, naos, shows by its title that it is intended for the honour of the serpent naas (from Hebrew נָחָשׁ naḥash , snake) as “the Moist Essence,” of the universe, without which “naught at all of existing things, immortal or mortal, animate or inanimate, can hold together.” Because, after all, “all things are subject to Him, and He is Good, and has all things in Him … so that He distributes beauty and bloom to all that exist according to each one’s nature and peculiarity, as though permeating all.”[Hippolytus Philosophumena 5, 4}

    Addition by Editor:

    Rhoda is mentioned in the New Testament. She appears only in Acts 12:12-15. Rhoda (whose name means “rose” derived from the Greek ‘ροδον (Hrodon) meaning “rose”) was a servant girl in the house of Mary, the mother of John Mark. After Peter was released from prison, he went to the house and knocked on the door. Rhoda came to answer it, and when she heard Peter’s voice she was so overjoyed that she rushed to tell the others, and forgot to open the door for him. She told the group of Christians who were praying that Peter was there. They did not believe her at first, and told her she was out of her mind. When she kept insisting that it was Peter, they said, “It is his angel.” Yet Peter kept on knocking and eventually they opened the door for him. Jaroslav Pelikan suggests that it is “difficult not to smile when reading this little anecdote,” while F. F. Bruce says that the scene is “full of vivid humour.”

About Collected Works of Sri Bhakti Ananda Goswami

This site is a repository of the written work of Bhakti Ananda Goswami managed by one of his students, Vrndavan Brannon Parker. Bhakti Ananda Goswami is a practicing Catholic Hermit under private vows, and a Vedic Monk in the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya-Vaishnava Lineage Tridanda Sannyasi and Siksha (Instructing) Master. His research provides the evidence proving that at the ultimate source there is only One Religion and Divinity yet there are multiple expressions of that religion and Divinity. Read the various collected articles on this site revealing that ancient Humanity was highly evolved and motivated by transcendent and life affirming impulses leading to High Civilization. (Please Note that this site is not maintained and updated by Bhakti Ananda Goswami himself but is managed by one of his students. Though he does scan the site he is not always able to respond to messages or comments.)

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