Jaya Jagannatha! Brahman Daru and the Bur – Dun Polis Culture of Tyche-Fortuna & Polieus


Old Web Post 3, edited by Bhakti Ananda Goswami from a 2001 private letter, and ISTAGOSTHI in 2002

Hare Krishna ! Dear Istagosthi Friends, Sri Sri Guru And Gauranga Ki Jaya! Please Accept My Humble Obeisances. I Have Heard That Someone Here Is A Wiccan Priest. My Own Studies Into The Very Early Connections Between European Traditions And Vaishnavism Have Produced Some Amazing Information That May Interest You. So, I Will Post a Little of It Here.


From: Bhakti Ananda E.O.H.N.
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2001 12:19 PM
Subject: Fw: Purusha Cities 2-1.jpg




Please note that prehistoric ley-line sites and later temple-cities, and still later Catholic worship is associated with the designation BUR etc.(as in CANTE-BURY, SALIS-BURY etc.), which is cognate with Sanskrit PUR, Greek POL, Egyptian PER and Hebrew ‘YIR’ IR etc. (see chart). Many of these same sites may also have ancient names including the word origin of TOWN, as Gaelic DUN, Welsh DIN, as used in Augusto-dunum, Camalo-dunum etc. The modern English suffix TON or DON / DOM on the end of TOWN names is from DUN etc…..all related to Sanskrit DHAM, DHAMA etc..

Fortuna governs the circle of the four stages of life, the Wheel of Fortune, in a manuscript of Carmina Burana

Both PUR and DHAM are completely theological terms associated with the civilizing social order of the sacramental social body of the Rig Vedic Purusha Sukta Sacrifice. A PURA of PUR-USHA is also His DHAM. One of Krishna’s Names is DHAMANE, meaning ‘Lord of the Dham’. A Dham is a Domain. In Latin, the Lord’s Name Dhamane is DOMINUS. A BUR IS A PURA, AND A TOWN IS A DHAMA. God as the Greek Presiding Deity of any Heliopolitan Asyla Federation POL/City was called POLIEUS, which is PUR-USHA (PER-ASU in Egypt). Every Asyla Federation POLIS City had its POLIEUS and HIS FEMININE TYCHE, who the Romans called FORTUNA or MONETA and the Vaishnavas called LAXMI. The first metal MONEY was MINTED in the temples of TYCHE as FORTUNA-MONETA. Money is a Form of Laxmi, as the Tyche and Shakti (Shekinah) of God as Providence. The late English word POLICE has been derived from the Name of God POLIEUS, because it had the associative meaning of ‘City Protector’. All high civilization in the ancient world evolved from the sacramental social order of Purusha worship in His City-States and City-State alliances.

DRU is the root of Druid. But the Druids were not mere tree worshipers as has been speculated. TREE and DRU are related to the Sanskrit DARU, but the significance is that Lord Jagganatha ( PURUSHA VIRATA RUPA) was worshiped whereever there was a PUR or DHAM, and at many locations He was worshiped as BRAHMAN DARU. TREE = DRU = DARU.

His ‘Pillar’ or ‘Tree Trunk’ Form was at times extremely popular in the ancient world. ON THIS, SEE MY RESEARCH ON THE WORSHIP OF JAGANNATH BALADEVA AND SUBHADRA IN PALESTINE AND EGYPT, IN THEIR ‘TREE TRUNK’ OR ‘PILLER’ DJED / TET FORMS. When all the ancient BUR / DHAM culture evidence is taken together, it appears that the DRUIDS were specifically fire priests (HELIOS FIRE PRIEST PROPHETAS = PUROHITAS) of the Purusha Sukta Tradition, and that they worshiped Purusha as Brahman DARU, hence, they were called DARU-ids or DRUIDS.


All cultures have a shadow side. Vedic culture is shadowed by the evils of so-called ‘Left Hand Tantrism’ which is full of truely horrifically evil ideas and practices. One the the main corruptions of LHT is the practice of human sacrifice, which is performed in a mockery of the orthodox Brahminical Rig Vedic Sacrifices. The mundane mentality of the LHTs caused them to interpret PURUSHA in the Purusha Sukta AS ‘MAN’. Thus their ‘highest’ act of worship was human sacrifice. You can be sure that there WERE real sattvic brahmins in the BUR / DUN culture, but also that there were the tamasic LHT shadow-side priests as well. As in Greece (see BACCHAE) and elsewhere, the LHTs performed their abominable rites of human sacrifice and raw flesh eating, and promoting the evils of intoxication, illicit perverse sex and organized crime / extortion / gambling etc.

Every ‘Vedic’ culture was (is) plagued by LHT. Devotees need to learn to see the global battle in terms of the enobling, civilizing, sattvic impetus versus the degrading, chaotic, tamasic force. The history of religion and civilization is not just about different groups of devotees destroying each other out of prejudice, ignorance, fear and hate, it is about sattvic versus tamasic realization and behavior, and the battle-line is not drawn cleanly between denominational lines, or religious lines or race or culture. The battle-line runs through every individual human ‘heart’, family, worship community, village, nation and community of nations. Each local, regional, cultural and linguistic and global faith community has its polarized extremists, its inclusivists and exclusivists, its relative saints and hypocritical sinners. What we need to do is to step back from our religio-cultural millue of birth or adoption to take a long-range and extreme time-depth global view of the history of religion. When we do this, a vast number of assumptions are completely overturned by the obvious facts. It is thus ethno-centric and specialty etc. myopia that has been blinding us to the unifying whole truth of our collective human religious experiance.

So while i commend you on the important work that you are doing, studying ancient Northern European ‘Paganism’ please, don’t restrict it with any form of prejudice, which can only blind you to part of the truth you seek. There is a vast treasure of Gaelic and Welsh Spirituality preserved, alive and well in Catholicism. Don’t be blinded to this by anti-Christian feelings. Did you know that the entire Roman Rite Catholic Church performs the DRUID / PURUSHA AGNI-HOTRA related LIGHTING OF THE SACRED FIRE on EASTER VIGIL ? There are amazing traditions regarding the positive interaction of proto-catholics and catholics with the SATTVIC Druids.

If my body was able, i could write volumes on the BUR / DUN culture to give to you, but as it is, i can hardly get this letter written. Volumes could be written on the ley-line prehistoric BUR / DUN / ALIS (ASYLA / ASHALLA) sites in the Northern Isles and Northern Europe alone. Alas, i will probably not be able to write them, but maybe you can interest someone in doing it through your own work. The Ancient Asyla Federations were inter-tribal, and inter-racial alliances of Purusha (POLIEUS) and Shakti (TYCHE) worshiping communities, cities and city-states, and nations. All accross ancient Europe on ley lines there were federated asylum sanctuaries devoted to Krishna-Vishnu as PURUSHA / POLIEUS. Global Vedic culture was united by these Asyla Federations accross Europe, Africa and Asia, from century to century for millennia.

I want so much to tell the world about it, but without help from the devotees, i cannot do it. Unfortunately due to prejudice against the Judeo-Catholic Traditions, Some Vaishnavas in the Hare Krishna Movement especially have been unwilling to listen to anything i have to offer, and have actually been making cruel personal attacks on me for years. In spite of this, i am still trying to carry on with my service. Please pray for me to somehow get this information out for the happy reunion of all Krishna’s beloved devotees.

DARU DEVA ki jaya ! BURGHAS (PURUSHA) ki jaya ! DHAMANE ki jaya ! CARIAM (“BELOVED”, related to CHARISMA / KRISHNA) ki jaya !

your aspiring servant, Bhakti Ananda Goswami


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