Introduction: Radha, Greek Rhoda, Mary Mystical Rose, Her Nama-Rupa & Heliopolitan Monotheism


Hare Hari bol! Dear …….

You wrote:Thank you for the “bridle” paper.  When you cast the Radha-Krishna relationship as “bridal”, Radharani’s “stereotypical moods” are a bit more “understandable” and “acceptable” to me, putting aside my feminist critique of the male defined “surrender” of a woman to a man in a divine love relationship. BUT I still want Her to be the Goddess Almighty.”

Bhakti Ananda Goswami Answers: She is! She and Her Second and Third Persons are the Divine Receiving Shakti / Shekinah and equal to the Giver Godhead in every way! Just as Heli-Kouros is KRSNA the Original Supreme Personality of Giver Godhead, the Rhodian Rhoda /Radha / Mary the Mystical ROSE (Rosa Mystica) is the Supreme Personality of Receiver Godhead! The Hymn to Kouros (see Jane Harrison’s explanation of this Greek Hymn in THEMIS) clearly expresses that Kouros was the ORIGIN OF ALL OF THE GODS!!! Helios was the ONLY Greco-Roman Deity Who was always and only the Supreme Kouros. And Helios Kouros of Rhodes was THE regional Monotheists’ Deity, worshiped with His KoRe Rhoda-Nymphia-Astraia (Radha-Padme Lotus (Narayani)-Tara) Who was also His Tyche as Hladini Shakti, and Fortuna-Moneta as Laksmi /Money and Shekinah / HekeTe / SeKHeT Shakti, and ISHSHAH / ISIS !!!

Hari is HeLi / Eli as KouRos (same root but ‘hard breathing’ and L/R sound shift) and Hare becomes its unitive feminine invocative, thus KoRe ! KoRe is of course the Feminine Receiver by-form of ‘Helios’ (Hebrew Eli-Yahu) Kouros, the Eternal YOUth and beauty Who is the “source of all of the Gods”, the First Person of the Heliopolitan Godhead. Thus, yes, Kore is the source of all Goddesses !!! Kore and Kouros in the Roman Tradition are the Original Forms of Juno (Yona) Juventas and Jupiter (Ya-Pati, Ya-Pitr) Juvenalis ie Radha Yauvani and Krsna Yuavana!!!!! The first Mediterranean Murti sets of Kore and Kouros established the Greco-Roman Ideal of Youth and Beauty and developed the art of Monumental Stone sculpture in-the-round. The Rhodian school of this Murti making drew on previous efforts at such sculpture in the related Heliopolitan (Heru-Pur) Traditions of Egypt. Later this Rhodian school of stone murti making was taken to India and exchanged with the Indian Murti makers for their technology in metal murti making. Thus the beautiful Eastern Vaishnava stone murtis in the round in India, and the extra-ordinary metal murtis of the ‘West’, especially the Colossus of Helios Kouros / KRSNA at the Harbor of Rhodes, were both the result of the devotional and artistic exchanges going on between the devotees of Radha-Krsna and Rhoda-Kouros in Egypt and Rhodes and the Radha-Krsna centric Vaishnava centers of worship in India. Apparently India had its own aesthetic, and brilliant wood carving tradition of murti making before the newer monumental stone carving technology of the Rhodian School was introduced, because the great murti sculpters of India immediately adapted the technology to their already existing canon of murti forms, producing the Vrindava-Mathura school of stone monumental murtis. Thus two main schools of stone murti making existed in India, the Helenistic or Indo-Bactrian School and the Indigenous Vrindavan-Mathuran School. Both schools of Pure Land Buddhist murti making and iconograpy derived from this early Rhodian influence on the Monumental Stone Sculpture of India’s KRSNA centric Vaishnavism.

The Monotheistic Trinitarian Heliopolitan Traditions were emanational and incarnational, and all of their so-called ‘Gods’ were either expansions or cosmic incarnations of Helios Kouros, who was worshiped in each of His allied Temples and Nome City State Pers/Pols/Puras as PER-ASU / POLIEUS / PURUSHA. All of the Heliopolitan ‘Gods’, God-ESSES and Traditions of the ancient Mediterranean Region were belived to ’emanate’ from Kore-Kouros on their sacred Rose-Lotus Isle (Dvipa) of Rhodes in the Mediterranean (Middle Earth). The founding of the original City of Heliopolis (HarYah-Purusha) in Northern Egypt was believed to have been an act of filial devotion to Rhoda-Kouros of Rhodes, by their ‘Son’ Actis, a ‘RAY’ of their Godhead, who was exiled for a mortal sin against his brothers. “son” first Fthe r Actis RAY son Rhodes City-. ilos l

Guess what? A few of the other names of Kore of Rhodes are RHoDa “Rose” and D-D “BELOVED”!!! Nymphia “Lotus” is Padme and “Maiden”/ “Virgina Girl”, and Astria is “Star” Astraya TARA !!! She is also HeKaTe / SHAKTI Shekinah!!! on infinitum. As ‘of the sea (or waters)’ She is Juno Marina in Rome (‘Consort’ of Jupiter Marimus and the NHR NILE GOD NILOS) and this is Narayani and Narayana (Naharym to the Semites in Mesopotamia!). Mary and Mariam are cognate with Nari and Narayani / Marina, not from the Hebrew root for “bitter”. Thus Mariam as the ever Virgin Maiden Kore, Hebe/Heva/ Eve, Nymphia,Yauvani is the Hebrew NHR Naari ie MARY. Mary is in every way Nari-Narayani. But she is not only the Mystical Rose and the Ever-Virgin YOUng Yauvani teenage sweetheart of Kouros Krishna, She is also WOMAN and His eternal WIFE. Thus Her Hebrew Name is also Ishshah ie ISIS!!! God ELI / HELI / HERU etc. as Yahu/WASU THEOS / VASU DEVA is AUSAR (OSIRIS) and is therefore Biblical ISH Her Husband!!! Thus They are IFeminine ISHVARI ISHI and Masculine ISVARA ISHA!!!

Jesus is Yahu-Shua. In Sanskrit Ya=Purusha, Shu=ShuklaBala a Name of Baladeva, Who SHU/SAVES and Purifies by Redeeming, Acquiting and buying-out of slavery and removing sin!!! Thus, just the same as Hebrew “Jesus” ie Yahu-Shua, YA-SHU IS Purusha Who Saves, redeems, acquits and purifies the whole universe by taking-away its sin !!! This begins at creation with the Cosmic Purusha’s ‘once and All-Suffient Self Sacrifice’ and continues in the reality of the sacrifices of the world and through the Vedic Rites/Rityas of Moksha/Missa/Mass/Manumission/Forgiveness-of-sin-and-release-from-bondage (!!!) until the final dissolution of the Universe. Purusha, sacrificed on the Axis Mundi of the Cosmos, is called Yupa Dhvaja, or the One Whose FLAG/EMBLEM is His Vedic sacrifical instrument, the Yupa (stake or cross) of His Sacrifice!

When Jesus Purusha cried out to His GOD / ESS (ISHI / ISHSHAH / ISIS) on the Cross, in His ecstacy of separation while “taking the sins of the world/cosmos” as Purusha Yupa Dhvaja, He called to “ELOI ! ELOI !”, which is an invocative of ELI, and thus the unitive HARE!, which calls on Hari THROUGH and IN UNION with His Shakti Radha Rhoda Kore HARE!!! “Hare! Hare! Why have You forsaken me?” Mother-Father! Mother-Father! Why have YOU forsaken me?

In fact, if we get rid of the Aryanist white racist bias, which has been dominating the Humanities ever since the 1800s, and sexist Protestant hatred of MARY and so-called ‘goddess worship’, to objectively compare the relevant Traditions, the entire Tradition of Radha-Krsna centric Vaishnavism is obviously at the CoRe (again from HARE/HARI) of so-called ‘Western’ Heleno-Semitic Judeo-Catholic and Egypto-African Monotheism.

Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary: 802. ishshah
woman, wife, female. Original Word: נָשִׁים. Transliteration: ishshah … NAS Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible with Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek … – Cached – Similar –

‘ishshah – Hebrew Lexicon
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Family Blueprint: Biblical Ishshah (Woman): The True Role of …
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