Helios/ELi-Yahu/Hari-Vasu Asclepios Healing & Wisdom Cultus Connections: the Horse-Men Gods, Kheiron & Hayagriva


Lakshmi and HayagrivaHayagriva or Hayangriva (tib.: rTam grin) is a yidam, a personal, or tutelary, deity. In Buddhism he was considered a terrifyingmanifestation of Avalokiteshvara, Lord of Compassion. Hayagriva is an esoteric form of Hayagriva evoked in some meditations. He was created originally to conquer a demon named Matong Rudra. Hayagriva has three terrible heads, each surmounted by a horse head. His terrific nature is revealed by his crown of skulls, garland of severed heads, tiger skin skirt, and capes of flayed human and elephant skins. He has been especially favored by the Nyingma Order from its earliest days. He has many forms, often with three faces, six arms, and four legs, and sometimes with huge wings. The teachings of Hayagriva were first brought to Tibet from India by Padmasambhava.
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The Horse-Man connection in the Cultus of the Heliopolitan Great Physician in the Mediterranean Region and in the East: Asclepiad Ascetic Centaur Kheiron and Vedic-Vaishnava Wisdom and Medical Cultus Horse-Headed Hayaygriva Vishnu or Pure Land-Related Buddhist Hayagriva Lokeshvara  www.theoi.com/Georgikos/KentaurosKheiron.html www.greekmedicine.net/mythology/chiron.html

Chiron 1 Vase Painting With A Pupil. Unusual Centaur Form With A Full Human Body and Horse Rear. Note Escalope (Asclepios) Scallop Shell Design. Just as the Rhodon was the Cult Symbol of Rhoda- Rhodos an 

d Their Sacred Isle of Rhodes, the Scallop Shell was a common pictorial pun for the Name of Asclepios. Thus these two pictorial puns the Rhodon and the Scallop Shell were common at Heliopolitan Shrines.

Hayagriva Vishnu With Suppliant Brahma, Modern Illustration from
Note that Lord Vishnu as Hayagriva is the Protector of the Vedas (Scriptures) and Devotees, and the Master Mentor/Mantrin of the Wisdom Tradition. Thus He is holding the Vedic Revelation (As a Text) before Brahma, who is the Organizer of the Universe.
Hayagriva Vishnu, Early Kouros-like Form
Hayagriva Avalokitesvara, Tibetan-Nepali Tantric Buddhist Pleae note that ” He is the esoteric GUARDIAN of the Lotus Section, all devotees of Avalokitesvara, & the TEACHER of sentient beings in the animal realm.” 

马头观音, the fierce 3-eyed horse-headed burning-red form. Otherwise known as 马头明王 Hayagriva Vidyaraja, and the Vajra of Chewing or Speed. He is both a Bodhisattva & a Guardian Deity, situated at the bottom of the 1st row of the Lotus Section of the Garbhakosa Mandala. The horse head represents the single-minded desire of the horse for water and grass, which is like his will to save sentient beings; or the great running speed of the horse, which can be compared the speed that he appears to those who need him. He is the esoteric guardian of the Lotus Section, all devotees of Avalokitesvara, & the teacher of sentient beings in the animal realm. His common mantra is:

Om amritodbhave hum phat

Hayagriva 2 Tantric, With Wings. On These Tantric Buddhist Hayagriva Murtis, Note the Horse Heads surmounting the multiple wrathful ‘Protector’ Faces of Lord Hayagriva. 

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Hayagriva is also one of the main archetype deities of the Nyingma Order. Hayagriva is one of the emanations of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara in terrific form.
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Hayagriva (Vaj mukha). Vishnu with a horse head.
Musée Guimet

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