Answers to a Constructive Critic


In the below letter I have arranged the writer’s paragraphs to respond to them in a certain order.


Subject: Your Various Articles

Dear Maharaja,

It was extremely good of you to send me all this material and the notes about yourself. I have read everything with great interest. Now I have some comments and questions.

I don’t wish to appear critical, believe me. But I am looking for some logical reasoning based on empirical evidence. So much religion is based merely on the human imagination, I am looking for some clear sign that there is more to it than this. I am sick and tired of people telling me what God’s plan is for the human race, as if they have a direct line to the Divine and receive this information in confidence. Alas, such is not the case and I have yet to see any evidence that God exists and, if he does, that he has any special interest in the human race.

If this sound heretical, I’m sorry. My intuition tells me that there is some power outside myself that is somehow related to the whole of creation. But so far I have found nothing that supports my belief with conviction.


Reply:  You are just honestly revealing your concerns.


I am not interested in opinions and supposition. I’m looking for clear, acceptable evidence that says ‘this is so.’

Maharaja, you may feel, after reading this, that I am wasting your time.  If this is the case, please say so, and we can end this correspondence now without further to do.

On the other hand, if you think you can tell me something that may bring clarity to my thinking, I am eager to hear more from you.

In the meantime, I remain,

Your  servant,



Reply At Length

I will try to tell you something about my own concern with clarity of thinking and clear, acceptable evidence regarding these issues.

The ultimate proof of God’s existence is in a direct experience of him. If one has had a personal experience of God, then no other proof is needed.  If, however, one has had no experience, or has rejected or ignored experiences of God or the divine, then no one else can offer convincing proof of the existence of such divine realities. ‘It is easy to wake someone who is sleeping, but difficult to wake someone pretending to sleep’.   So I cannot prove to you the existence of God, but if you are open minded,  it is possible to prove to you the existence of God’s worship as a global tradition, which is at the core of human language and introspection, high civilization, literature, art, etc.

I  am pleased that you want proof.  I also wanted proof to give to persons such as yourself, which is why I took such great effort for so many years to collect such proof from so many fields.

Regrettably my work is unpublished, so I cannot just give you it as an indexed, foot-noted multi-volume set of books with bibliographical references.  But if you sincerely want proof of these connections, you have a computer, and you can in seconds verify much of what I have said for yourself.  In addition, in my few Internet postings I have given the names of some critically important texts and other sources of evidence.  If these texts do not satisfy your need for proof, then you are unreasonable and need some kind of therapy.  If however you are a reasonable person, then my efforts to serve your needs will not be a waste of time.  However if you are not reasonable, and are pretending to sleep, it will be just a waste of my time to try to wake you.

To get you started….test my assertions and you will find them to be true.

Assuming you are a reasonable person of goodwill, here are some of the major points of my thesis, which you can easily test to confirm, as well as directions on how to confirm them.

Purusha / Polieus

The fact that ancient sacramental social organization in African, Semitic and Indo-European cultures was all related to Purusha / Polieus worship can be studied in numerous ways.  Using my Purusha cities chart and article on the same…test my assertions.   Regarding the cities of these Asyla federation religious alliances, I have only given a tiny fraction of the examples which could have been cited. Per / Yir is used for the sacred cities of Eli-Yahu more than a thousand times in the Old Testament alone.  You can easily confirm this with any Hebrew Old Testament concordance by looking up ‘city’ or cities’.   Per is used countless times in Egyptian Hr-Asu (Heri-Osiris) related sources.  In Mesopotamia the variants Qir and Kir were common.  Pol was used by the Greeks to translate both the Semitic Per / Yir etc. city names of Eli-Yahu and the Egyptian Per city names of Heri-Asu.  In northern Europe, the Greeks translated Bur town names as Pol.  So I am not speculating that these words have the same meaning.  Centuries of history tell us that they do. The northern European word Bur, Sanskrit Pur, and Sumerian-related Ur were likewise used countless times for ancient sacred theocentric city name designations. These cities were generally members of religious alliances or federations of Asyla worshipping the same Godhead in various local forms.  They shared numerous features of sacramental social organization which can clearly be identified with the worship of Purusha in ‘the three modes’ of sattva, rajas and tamas…goodness, passion and ignorance.   Specific evidence of these alliances is still available in many ancient literary sources like the Old Testament and Apocrypha, and the  extant body of Greco-Roman literature, and in inscriptions, coins, treaties, the amarna letters of Akhenaten, etc.

Radha-Krishna as Rhoda-Kouros

If one understands Radha-Krishna Vaishnavism, Rhoda and Kouros Helios on the Island of Rhodes can easily be understood as Radha and Krishna just by studying Rhodian mythology and J. E. Harrison’s work on the Cretan hymn to Meghistos Kouros, who was considered the origin of all the Gods.   Helios was always worshipped as the Meghistos Kouros, and his original ‘consort’ was Rhoda.  Everything that I have said about the sources regarding their Worship can be confirmed on the Internet.

Baal-Dionysos as Balarama

The Shaivites have done a lot of research on Dionysos as Shiva. What they don’t understand is the connection between Baladeva as Shiva and Dionysos. In Vaishnava tradition, the forms of Shiva are all forms of Lord Baladeva, who is also called Sankarshana.  All Vishnu manifestations are from Baladeva, as are all Shiva manifestations.  Thus in Vaishnavism, as in the ancient Jewish and related Mediterranean Heliopolitan tradition, and in Pure-land Buddhism, the benevolent forms of Vishnu and the wrathful destructive forms of Shiva are both considered forms of the same deity.  This is why Hebrew, Greek and Egyptian names of Eli-Yahu / Helios / Heri-Asu include both names of Shiva and Vishnu.   The universal incarnating, dying and rising Savior Lord as the ‘Second Person’ of the Godhead can be traced back to Eli-Yahu as Baal (Balu etc.) in the Semitic traditions.  The Semitic Baal was associated by the ancients with both the Afro-Egyptian Asu (Osiris) and Greek Dionysos.  The Shaivite scholars are correct in identifying Dionysos with Shiva, but because they are focusing only on the tamasic Tantric interpretation of their Shaivite tradition, they miss the bigger picture, which can be understood by comparing the Pure Land Buddhist, Jewish and sattvic Greco-Egyptian traditions of Baal-Dionysos-Osiris with Baladeva as the source of both Vishnu and Shiva.  A study of Eli-Yahu as Baal will reveal many detailed connections to Baladeva. That the Jewish deity Eli-Yahu was once called Baal is also confirmed in Keel and Uehlingers’ authoritative book on  the miniature artifacts of ancient Israel. Dravidian Hindu scholars have also done a lot of research connecting Shiva to the Jewish deity.   There are sites about this as well on the Internet.   Again they make the connection between Shiva and Baal-Yahu, especially in his wrathful form associated with Exodus, and the Jewish sacrificial system.   This is another major point that I insisted on over 30 years ago.   Eli-Yahu was once called Baal before the great Baal-Set and Anat left-hand tantric related heresies.  In fact a number of major points that I insisted on decades ago have now been accepted by the top academic authorities in each field.  These scholars have come to their present realization after long and meticulous study.  So if you want to challenge my veracity about these things, you will have to take on such scholars and the entire disciplines that they represent now. So-called  ‘Aryanist’ or Indo-European Shaivite  and marugan scholars have connected Dionysos and Shiva and Dravidian scholars have connected Baal-Yahu and Shiva.  The field of Heleno-Semitica, in the line of research from Cyrus Gordon has established the Greek and Semitic links, and finally the new computer assisted field of linguistic super families has numerous scholars comparing Nilo-Saharan, Semitic, Indo-European, Sumero-Akkadian, Dravidian, Austro-Asiatic and even Amerindian languages for a primal human tongue (look up the nostratic linguistic super family).  My own work simply confirms that there are common names of the one supreme God embedded deep within our major language families.  Now black studies scholars, such as Martin Bernal (Black Athena), have confirmed many of the assertions of the Heleno-Semiticists and Dravidian scholars regarding so-called Aryan and black, Aryan and Semitic and Aryan and Dravidian connections in extreme antiquity.   My own work on the religious side of all these connections is being daily more and more supported by the findings of all these other scholars.

Indo-European, Egyptian and Semitic Monotheists All Worshipped Helios / Heri-Asu / Eli-Yahu

From age to age the Hebrews, Israelites and Jews were members of Helios-worshiping federations.  Such alliances are even mentioned in the Old Testament and Apocrypha and other ancient Greco-Roman, Egyptian and Mesopotamian literary sources. But I have not simply relied on such textual evidence, I have actually studied and viewed enormous amounts of interdisciplinary evidence for these Helios-worshiping religious connections.  Any honest person seeing the evidence I have presented would have to admit to the obvious connections.   In 2000 I took a group of Vaishnavas through the “Pharaohs of the Sun” exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  This exhibit is the premier collection of later 18th dynasty Egyptian artifacts ever displayed anywhere.  This collection is particularly important to my work, because it focuses on the era of the famous monotheistic ‘Sun King’ Akhenaten.  30 years ago I said that he was not an innovator, but that he was reviving the much earlier monotheism of Heliopolis in the north, establishing it first in the southern capital of Thebes, and then building a new capital for it at Amarna.  I also said that this same Heliopolitan monotheism in its Semitic form was the religion of the Hebrews, Israelites and Jews.   At the exhibit I was able to show that the top scholars who put it together agreed that Akhenaten was a Heliopolitan revivalist, just as I have always said.   This conclusion was even stated in no ambiguous terms in the exhibit publications.  At the museum I pointed out numerous connections between the Heliopolitan religious symbol system of Akhenaten and that of Vaishnavism and Pure Land Buddhism. Then in the slide lectures I gave on the West and East coast of the USA  following the exhibit, I showed these same symbols on the Keel and Uehlinger University of Fribourg collection of ‘Jewish’ artifacts from ancient Israel and Judah.

I presented my two papers related to these lecture tours at the World Association for Vedic Studies Conference in 2000.  The largest of the lecture halls was packed for my presentation and no one, not the session moderators or a single other scholar challenged a single bit of my evidence or my conclusions.  In fact many scholars stayed after the session and even into the night and some even after the whole conference to discuss my findings with me, and not one challenged the reliability of my evidence or reasonableness of my conclusions.   In my posts I have mentioned the most  important work available on these Semitic and Jewish artifacts (by O. Keel  and C. Uehlinger), which is the text I was given permission (by the copyright holder) to make slides of and to use in the companion booklet to my lectures.   If the supreme Semitic, Nilo-Saharan Egyptian and Greek (Indo-European) deity is the same deity, then all the interdisciplinary evidence should support this fact, and it does.  The Semite’s high deity ‘L is the Afro-Egyptian’s high deity  ‘R ,  the Vaishnava high deity Hari, the Shaivite high deity Hara and the pure land Buddhist Adi Purusha as HRIH. This is the Greco-roman high monotheistic ‘solar’ deity Heli or Sole.  I am not just basing this assertion on some superficial word similarities. There is a vast amount of evidence in different fields to prove these assertions.

Yeshua (Jesus) as Iasas-Asclepius, Asclepius as Serapis, Serapis as Charaka and Yakushi Ji

Please read the key Johns Hopkins University press text by the Edelsteins on Asclepius.  I have given the references to this text elsewhere on this site. Read about the Indian tradition of medicine from the Ayur Veda, and about the legends of Ananta Baladeva’s incarnation as the wandering mendicant healer Charaka.  Sometimes these are cited in introductions to the Charaka Samhita.   Compare the traditions of the biblical Old Testament exodus story healing seraph-staff (Nahustan as the ‘type’ of Christ) , the serpent-staff (caduceus) of Iimhotep-Asclepius-Serapis and the Nagakal of Baladeva as the Ayur Vedic Ananta Shesha Naga.  Compare all of these medical traditions with the pure land Buddhist worship of Yakushi Ji at Nara, Japan.  The vast range, depth and detail of these medical savior connections will take an entire new academic discipline to explore.  All of these traditions have been connected to so-called ‘solar monotheism’.   Asclepius was in fact considered the divine son of Helios born of a mortal virgin.  The basic history of the God-man Asclepius is the life, death and resurrection of the Apostolic Catholic Jesus Christ.   This fact was recognized in early Christianity.  These things are discussed in the Edelsteins’ standard reference work on Asclepius.   In Egypt Asclepius was associated with the great physician Imhotep and all the various forms of Asu or Osiris and Heri-Hap (Serapis), who among the Israelites was called Eli-Habha.  Both his Egyptian name Hr-Hp / Heri-Hap / Serapis and Hebrew Elihabha mean ‘God Hides’ or ‘God is Hidden’ (compare Hebrew Chaba-Yahu meaning ‘Yahu Hides’ or ‘Yahu is Hidden’).

If you don’t think my word etymologies have any substance, you can look them up in any good biblical concordance or lexicon, Sanskrit-English etymological dictionary, English-Egyptian dictionary etc.   Not only do my cognates obey the linguistic rules of sound-shifting etc. but I have taken pains to verify the connections with non-comparative linguistic (non-philological) evidence as well.  Thus I have comparatively studied the Jewish and Egyptian interdisciplinary evidence of the worship of Hp.  Hp was also called Hp-Amn and Hp-Atmn (called Aten by Akhenaten) in Egypt over the centuries, and was always considered the all-pervasive form of the deity Heri.  By such in-depth study, I have confirmed that the Semitic ‘hidden’ all-pervasive deity Eli-Habha / Chaba-Yahu (also called Adon-Yahu) is the same as the all-pervasive aspect of the high Afro-Egyptian deity Heri-Asu as Hp-Amn  or Hp-Atm.


Critic:  I find much of your material hard to follow because it leaps from concept to concept, century to century, religion  to religion with sometimes no apparent link other than a similarity between words. To me, some of this material appears to be no more than mere flights of fantasy.


If I see that the worship of a specific historically identifiable deity survived for thousands of years, or that it has waxed and waned, appearing and disappearing over time in various forms in various places,  I report it. It may appear fantastic to you because you are completely unfamiliar with the evidence for it.  However I am very familiar with the evidence, and I have summarized it carefully, presenting you with a well considered rational conclusion.  As I have stated elsewhere,  the existence of God or a specific ‘God’ cannot be proven except by a person’s direct experience, but the existence of a major religion in history can be proven through numerous and interdisciplinary means.  My work has always focused on real-world history, As presented by the evidence, not on some fantastic speculation of my own. I have always desired to be as objective as humanly possible, and thus to allow the  evidence to ‘speak for itself’.  Thus my work has never been like the fanciful or sentimental writings of persons like H.P. Blavatsky, E. Levi, Joseph Smith, Spencer Lewis,  Nicholas Notovitch,  Szekely,  A. Bailey,  Edgar Cayce, Louis Jacolliot, P.N. Oak or any of the other popular Old ‘esoteric’ or newer  ‘new age’ Aryosophists, channelers or fantasy-as-history enthusiasts.  I have never considered anyone of their ilk as authoritative and completely reject their work as a disservice to the Truth (God) and humanity.   For decades I have fought to expose the plagiarism, fraud and inaccuracy of their bogus histories,  concocted and redacted ‘scriptures’ and the lies and distortions and utter nonsense of their entire genre of fantasy-as-history literature.  I have even endured death threats and actual physical attacks from some of their fanatical followers because of my commitment to exposing the lies and distortions of these purveyors of fantasy as historical fact. I take the truth very seriously.  So be assured that if I state that there is solid-real-world reason to believe that there is some connection between a Vedic ‘God’ and an Egyptian and Jewish one, there is.  I totally reject ‘channeling’ or ‘esoteric tradition’ as sources for anything other than the study of arrogant self-and-other deluding nonsense. In my research I have always and only used the best possible and non-controversial, academically accepted sources of evidence.  I have strictly practiced proper scientific methodology in the collection, treatment and testing of my data.

My passion may be religion, and the worship of Godhead,  but my education and working life has been well-grounded in bona fide research, science, medicine and other exacting disciplines.  I am a very rational person, not a sentimentalist given to flights of fantasy.  Fundamentally the God of my heart is the God of real world history.   He is the God of things exactly as they were and are here in this temporary but real world.   I cannot prove to you his existence in some other world beyond our immediate experience, but if you will test my assertions, the results can prove to you his influence in the history of this planet.  Therefore I am primarily interested in discovering the truth about his worship in this real world.  In one sense, I worship this God of history as the great reality of Truth itself, and therefore I have no desire to bend or twist Him to my little will.

My Track Record Regarding My Major Assertions

Thirty years ago I was pretty much alone in some of my assertions, but now many of my claims have been backed up by the meticulous work of the most highly respected scholars in various fields.  You don’t have to take my word for anything.  If you knew my integrity and competence as a person and as a scholar, you would trust my observations to be accurate, my presentation to be honest and my conclusions to be reliable.  However not knowing me, and misperceiving me to be living in a religious fantasy, you are not inclined to accept my accuracy, honesty or the relevancy and validity of my  conclusions.  Thus you will have to read for yourself these sources that I have recommended, to grasp what I am trying to communicate to you.

Instead of challenging the veracity of my assertions, why don’t you just read the books that I have recommended in my posted letters, and look up the general references I have provided?  If you do, you will find things to be as I have presented them.  There are entire fields of study now devoted to some of these areas of evidence I have presented.   So, appropriately I have given reference to these fields for the further investigation of doubters like yourself.  Don’t demand from me, served on a platter, what you are unwilling to look up and read in the sources yourself.  Not valuing my integrity or scholarly discipline and accuracy, you would not believe me if I quoted something anyway.  Thus I have given the general sources for evidence and specific texts when these are especially helpful, but I cannot convince you with my own words when you do not accept my veracity. You will have to look these things up, or go to where they are and experience them for yourself.


Critic:  You provide no facts to back up your assumptions. If your realizations are  based on 40 years of research, as you say, where is the evidence on which  they are based?  I am a cynic who accepts nothing on faith. I was excited by what I read  because I thought you would be able to provide facts to support my beliefs  that I have arrived at purely by intuition.


When I write someone a letter summarizing decades of interdisciplinary research, of course I use broad strokes because I am painting a very big picture.  How else can I tell anyone about the mega-trends and great commonalities that I have seen ?  Houston Smith, Eliade, Zaehner, Frazer, Graves, Campbell and others also painted with broad strokes in their summarizing works.  They presented very general conclusions based on their years of study.  They all became influential even though there were some misunderstandings,  important omissions and even glaring defects in some of their works.  My work has been at least as thorough as theirs, and they were primarily textual scholars.  Then I have gone the additional ‘extra mile’ and more to verify my literary evidence with in-depth study in and evidence from many other fields.  In doing this, I have done what no one else has done before, so of course I am presenting a vast amount of information Summed-up in a few words.  However those few words are fully pregnant with great meaning that has profound implications. Therefore if I say that the Greco-Egyptian winged cobra is the Jewish seraph and these are related to Baladeva as Ananta Shesha Naga and Garuda, and to his medical cult as the Ayur Vedic Charaka, who is Jesus-Asclepius-Serapis, then you can be Absolutely sure that there is abundant interdisciplinary evidence to back-up these assertions. Test what I say….it is real.  I invite everyone to do it.  I don’t expect anyone to accept something because I have said it.  I have not presented anything that is a product of my imagination. If it doesn’t have a real-world existence, I am not interested in it except to expose its falsity myself !


Critic:  Do you have anything meatier than this?


If you don’t accept the veracity of my statements then you will have to look up these things yourself.  What more proof do you want ?  For instance in my Hare Krishna World posts on Pure Land Buddhist and Vaishnava connections I directly compared specific parallel Sanskrit verses from the Vaishnava Bhagavad-Gita and the Pure Land Buddhist Saddharma Pudarika.  I gave the exact Japanese names of Brahma, Surya, Chandra and Lakshmi / Sri, etc.  I cited the Tibetan Buddhist Sanskrit names of the lila avataras of Lokesvara, which are the lila avatara forms of Vishnu.  I have shown Kushite and Vaishnava icons of the Supreme Lord as the Leonocephalous (lion-headed) form of Time side-by-side.  I showed pictures of the sacred circle dance across Traditions, and I sent you a chart showing the ancient names of sacred Purusha worship-related cities.   On this site I also showed the traditional form of Helios Kouros from Rhodes, and the two common forms of Asclepius-Christ.  With my major assertions, I have given enough information about the connections for you to verify them yourself if you really want to.

These connections are huge, and the evidence is not contained in one scholar’s citation in one book. Thus the evidence is not hard to find. Whole fields are pervaded by it.   So for instance you need to compare the language of the Greek Septuagint and Apocrypha (Greek Jewish Old Testament) to that of the Sanskrit of the Vaishnava scriptures like the Bhagavad-Gita. If no one else has written about this, how can I cite them ?   All I can do is to state the truth.  Read the Greek Jewish scriptures and the Sanskrit Vaishnava scriptures and see for yourself how many cognate Greek and Sanskrit names of God and common specific cult terms you will find !  It is astounding and proves a close relationship between Vaishnava Krishna-centric, Greek and Jewish monotheism.  Then compare the Sanskrit Pure-Land Buddhist scriptures and you will find the same astounding connections.  You don’t even have to read the Greek, Sanskrit, Hebrew or Egyptian scripts to confirm what I am saying.  All of the relevant works are available with Roman transliteration, and often one can even get inter-linear translations of them. In addition there are study guides like biblical concordances, etymological dictionaries and lexicons, works on the theophoric names in the Hebrew Bible and numerous other ways to easily verify what I have said.  Instead of challenging my veracity, why don’t you just look these things up for yourself ?  Enter the key words in your Internet search program and enjoy !  The evidence is there.  It won’t prove to you that God exists, but it can certainly prove that his worship exists !

Speaking and hearing the truth is never a waste of time.  I pray that you will find the truth that finally satisfies your soul.

Your aspiring servant,

Bhakti Ananda Goswami



About Collected Works of Sri Bhakti Ananda Goswami

This site is a repository of the written work of Bhakti Ananda Goswami managed by one of his students, Vrndavan Brannon Parker. Bhakti Ananda Goswami is a practicing Catholic Hermit under private vows, and a Vedic Monk in the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya-Vaishnava Lineage Tridanda Sannyasi and Siksha (Instructing) Master. His research provides the evidence proving that at the ultimate source there is only One Religion and Divinity yet there are multiple expressions of that religion and Divinity. Read the various collected articles on this site revealing that ancient Humanity was highly evolved and motivated by transcendent and life affirming impulses leading to High Civilization. (Please Note that this site is not maintained and updated by Bhakti Ananda Goswami himself but is managed by one of his students. Though he does scan the site he is not always able to respond to messages or comments.)

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